iOS 13 beta and Wyze app thread

Well, would you look at that! It works. Hey, @azwayneb - check it out.

Thank you to everyone at Wyze for your work on this.

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thanks Wyze

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Some improvement, but not complete.
Great work Wyze all buttons back.
Took a phone restart to get Events to appear, but everything looks good now.

Nope, something is still not right.
Recording Events aren’t showing up as they should.

They are showing up on my Android phone, but not the iPhone.
Notifications did show up on my Apple Watch.

Time to send in another log.

Thanks for the log! I’ll also send this info to the dev side.

Thankfully I’m not seeing any of the issues you unfortunately are. I’m on the latest public release of the App, if that makes a difference.

Everything seems to work except for the Events not showing up and no little red dot.
All the videos only appear after I shutdown the Wyze App and restart it.
I can live with that and they have my log.

Yay! So glad that Wyze app works with iOS 13!

The new public release of the app seems to work SOOOOOO MUCH better. Thanks for the hard work guys! I’m on iOS 13 Developer Beta 4.

Working so much better now.

Ios13 beta 4

Only problem I found was, I couldn’t set up Wyze Light Bulbs with 13 beta.
For some reason I couldn’t connect to the bulb’s wifi during the setup.
Had to use an Android phone.

Once everything was setup and connected I found I could change settings with the IOS 13 iPhone.

WyzeBeta app still having issues for me. IOS 13 beta 4 on iPhone XS Max. Missing the font in almost all locations.

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Try downloading the non-beta version of the app. Works for me

Had the non beta first. Tried the beta because I was having the issue.

I agree with @SaucyiOS and do this same thing but learned from an “A” word tablet… Wyze has always made an effort to make their app, cameras and community a clean user interface and have no doubt this will be fixed at some point. Like I’m sure many have already said were in beta programs there is inevitably going to be problems and with those problems come solutions I’m not gonna preach on about this very much longer other than I have faith in the company that things will get better soon!

If we all weren’t so impatient in wanting to see iOS 13 we wouldn’t be in this Predicament!

Hey so I’m just curious what was the last iOS that is working in playing nice with WyzeBeta?

Currently the non-beta version is newer than the beta version. It is my understanding the non-beta is working with iOS 13 currently. I can not check as I use Android not that other ‘A’ word lol

Yes the non-beta version works well with iOS 13. Every once in a while I have to restart the app.