iOS 13 beta and Wyze app thread

As pointed out the developer beta has been out a bit over a month, and people who want to live on the bleeding edge of tech either do not put it on the daily driver or realize there will be many bugs


I reverted back to ios 12.3.1. I’ve reported it to apple.

Yours looks so much better than mine…

It’s a Mess with ios 13 and the Wyze app all the thumbnails are gone. I did delete and reinstall the app and it did allow me to see my Camera but that’s about it. Hopefully a new upgrade comes out soon

One of the reasons I keep some older Android phones around.
No sim needed just connect them to wifi and you’re good to go.

The one thing you have to realize is the public “stable” versions of Android Q and IOS 13 will be here in 2 months.
This is what developing Apps for a new OS is all about.
Developers will install the beta OS on phones (not their daily driver.) and work at getting the problems sorted out.
You can’t wait for the public stable version to come out and then start fixing all the issues with your App.

Wyze App developers need to get off the pot and start working.
Maybe Wyze needs to hire more developers and software engineers.
They have stable versions of Android 9 and IOS 12 and the App is still full of bugs.

I don’t know about “Wyze app developers getting off the pot.” As has been stated previously, the public beta for iOS 13 isn’t even out yet for a couple of months.

Also keep in mind that Wyze is a smaller company, relatively speaking, and likely doesn’t have the development resources of, say, Amazon with Alexa.

I’m confident this will be resolved in time.

(We all took the same risks when we downloaded and installed iOS 13 betas.)

To the Wyze team: I updated to the latest Test Flight version of the app (2.4.50 (2)), but the user interface issues are still present.

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How odd!
I have the IOS 13 Public Beta on my iPhone right now!
As “stated previously” might have been “stated” months ago.

The “stable” version of IOS 13 will be coming sometime this fall ( September, if everything goes as planned :slight_smile:
Now is the time to test and prepare the Wyze App for the coming IOS 13.
NOT after it is released.

I’m not so sure that the Wyze issues will be resolved in time.

As I stated, they’ve had almost a year (August 2018) since Android 9 was publicly released and much the same with IOS 12.
A YEAR and still things don’t run right.

I’m aware that changes are made during the year with OS updates, but they are mostly security updates and should have nothing to do the operation of the App itself.

Maybe not trying so hard with gimmicks like the “AI Person Detection” and just focusing on improving the function of the App would be better.

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You appear to think that the Wyze team is not working on this, instead focusing on feature enhancements and/or improvements.

I don’t buy that, frankly (I know, don’t call you frankly).

It’s entirely possible (and likely) that different teams are working on different things.

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Yeeeaaah, “Different teams working on different things” is ALWAYS a problem.
Do a search for Ford Edsel.
The term “lipstick on a pig” comes to mind.
Engineers were not communicating for sure.
On the other hand the Skunk works that designed the SR 71 were a small bunch of engineers locked in a small room.
Miracles will happen.

I’m sure people are working on these issues, but time is of the importance.

Well, uh… I was just coming by to let you know that we’re getting close to releasing improvements for iOS 13 to beta testing.

To those who shared images with the UI problems or other details about areas that need improvement, thanks! :slight_smile:


Maybe they will believe that it is being worked on now that you said it.

I’m sure people have been working hard on the App, but I’m kind of a “I’ll believe it when I see it” guy.
Learned after 72 years on this planet.
Huh? I wonder who the oldest person is in the Community here?

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I had faith all along.

Thank you, @WyzeGwendolyn,

(BTW, Gwendolyn is my sister’s middle name!)


@azwayneb, I look forward to you seeing those improvements! And unless someone pops up to claim the title, you may be the oldest person in the Community. :slight_smile:

@fitbabits, we appreciate your faith. And please tell my fellow Gwendolyn that I say hello! :smiley:


thanks for the update, im curious if the UX issues are specific to what iOS device you have, I have a iPad Air 2 that I use at work that is not working correctly with the app and the my iPhone XS Max which is having the similar issues. However Im curious if the app for lets say an iPhone 8, XR, or X & XS (not max) are having the issues.

iPhone 8S Plus here. My phone is exhibiting the same behavior.

All, please see the below thread. EDIT: I was incorrect earlier, this is supposed to be a public release, not beta.


Just installed and :partying_face:. I have my Cameras back
Thank you

I have buttons and text now, but the ‘Login’ button doesn’t seem to work. Will try a reboot.

*** UPDATE ***
Found the problem. I registered on this website. The password I entered on the website is not allowed in the iOS app. Its too short. That should probably be a little more consistent.