iOS 13 beta and Wyze app thread

As of Today I received my wyze bulbs and I’m unable to connect them using the iOS wyze app due to the ongoing issues listed previously in this thread. Wyze Team?? are you guys working on this? any known fix from a users end? we need feedback. The IOS update is releasing in september, im worried about the functionality.

They are working on it but you have to remember iOS is still in beta and they could fix something today that will turn around and break in the next beta of iOS, i think you will start to see things get better as iOS gets close to public release

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I think the app is fully functional, however it appears to be simple design elements that are missing in everyone’s case here, I cant justify going back to iOS 12 since im testing IOS 13 for other reasons, I hope it gets looked at and fixed here soon.

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@WyzeGwendolyn when can we expect an iOS 13 compatible app (or even beta)?

I know that we’re working on it but I don’t have a date to give you. I’m sorry.

Getting impatient, all other apps have little to no issue with iOS 13 Beta 1 or 2. ANY updates would be much appreciated. TY

Like I said earlier, I know that this is a thing that we’re working on. I hear we’re getting closer to testing the improvements but I don’t have dates for when we’ll start that. We apologize for the frustration.

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Gwendolyn, thanks for keeping us in the loop. I am not saying this to pile on but I just bought a new camera and had to guess how to get it setup (took me almost 2 hours) because the app is so bad, So tell the devs they get no more caffeine until they fix it! :slight_smile:

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But if you quit giving them the caffeine they will need to sleep and it wont get fixed


While I understand your impatience, keep in mind that you are testing a version of iOS that has not yet been launched to the public - it’s a beta. Bugs, etc. are the risk you accept when testing something.

It’s not the fault of Wyze until it is (and that would be after iOS 13 is launched).


I have had 0 (yes zero) issues with any other apps… that leads me to believe that this is an issue with Wyze…

Props to the team on there excellent work on others products and interaction with there consumers! I’m sure they’re doing everything they can to release this as soon as possible!

I have several apps not working on 13 two of them completely baked. As a tester this is a risk I openly accept and only do on a secondary device not my daily driver. I agree that if this is happening during the GM version I’d be concerned. I have no expectations for this to need to work before then but knowing WYZE they are on it, but hopefully not pushing it to soon to cause more work for them selves as future iOS betas are released. Based on what I see it is a lot of visual adjustments that can be tweaked in the final stages.


I think this is a must when testing (personal opinion), saves a lot of headache


I’m using my main… Wyze is the only problem I’ve had on the betas though…

All their time was spent figuring out the person detection rather than updating the app for the new iOS release. Considering the fact that the developer iOS 13 has been out for how many months now, you would think the app would have taken precedent over the upgrade since that is the only way we can update any of our camera settings. I get that iOS 13 is a beta, but considering most of us like the cutting edge of tech, I would be surprised if a majority of us weren’t already using the beta operating system. IMO. This is a forum right :sweat_smile:

Yeah, basically a tech nerd forum :joy:

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The developer beta has been out for 39 days and the public beta has been out for 18 days. You have to expect this from beta software. If you can’t operate with that expectation, then heed the warnings next time and don’t install the betas.

And while we’re at it, everyone stop calling for the Wyze developers to work tirelessly “until they fix it”. This industry has enough dehumanizing work conditions as it is, asking for 10x developers and 80 hour weeks. Try to use this forum for good (gasp!) and not for complaining. They’re humans too, and you don’t know what they’re dealing with.

Straight from the horse’s mouth:

Important Note for Thrill Seekers : If you’re interested in living on the edge and trying out the great new features in iOS 13, we strongly advise waiting for the many bug fixes and refinements coming to the public beta next month.


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I think to keep everything on track in this thread we should all focus on actual iOS 13 issues with the Wyze application and not the fact that it is simply not working. Im having UX design issues on my iPhone XS Max with the app. The functions are “there” just not visible to the naked eye. using a secondary iOS device I learned where the controls are on the blank white pages and I can still toggle them. Here are a few pictures of what I am experiencing and the version of iOS that I am on.

IOS 13 Public Beta 2