iOS 13 beta and Wyze app thread

I have merged a few other threads with this one, and changed the title. This is to keep all the information in one place for the community and Wyze.

I know it is still early days since Apple’s iOS 13 isn’t officially out until Fall 2019, but I thought to bring up the UI/UX design inconsistencies while using the Wyze app on that platform.

Most of the controls are blank and oddly-positioned and the same goes for the Events page. See included screenshots. Hopefully, this heads-up gives your dev team enough time to fix all bugs before the next public beta of iOS 13.

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image image

No, I have the public beta 13 and it’s not playing nice.
The Wyze App opens and camera still is recording, but there are no buttons showing to navigate through the App.
If you remember where the buttons are like “Events” they will still work, but it’s a bit hard finding things and some pages will just show up white.

We are Apple developers and had to move to iOS 13; however, I noticed that the buttons were missing on the Wyze App as hence everyone has indicated on here… But the buttons are there, just they are invisible… so use your memory and press in the spot (i.e the corner where one views the activity) and the screen will pop up.

Essentially, everything works; however, the actual buttons on iOS 13 Beta are not showing up.

Most icons and buttons are mission on the Wyze app in IOS 13. Does anyone know if Wyze is working on this?

Given that it is beta 1 of iIOS 13, I’m sure they are working on it. I’m having the same difficulties, but figured it was because it was a beta of iOS. It’s unfortunate, but one of the hazards of testing iOS betas. IMO.


Nothing comes up at the bottom of the app so I cannot share or download a video I can’t even see sometimes where to hit the play or pause I also cannot send feedback from the app because there is no feedback option unless I get really tricky with it. Then when I do sometimes the app crashes. Please help

I got the IOS 13 beta also.
Wyze App is pretty unusable at this time on 13.
I’m sure Wyze knows about it and in the meantime I’m using an older Android phone to make changes and view events.

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I have an Apple developer account, so I’m running ios13-beta3 (one version newer than the public beta)

Same issue.

When is the TestFlight URL to opt in to the Wyzecam beta?

The beta has the same problem

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Agreed - The latest Wyze beta is incompatible with iOS 13.3 public beta.
Buttons show up without words in them and there are no menus.

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Same issues. Text missing, buttons not working, etc Also won’t let me finish setup on my new Wyze bulbs due to iOS issues.

I’d love to use the beta version as well. Been on iOS 13 developer beta since day 1.

I’m on iOS 13 beta as well. The app is unusable for me as well…

I just installed the Wyze beta software and it’s much better on iOS 13.

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iOS 13 and the beta app is garbage. Put in a ticket regarding it and they want app logs. I cannot even determine where to go to get any of this set up.

Same issue as everyone else here. iOS 13 (Beta 2) and no labels, no text, etc. Updating the firmware on all three cameras this morning was a challenge.

EDIT - signed up as a beta tester for Wyze via Test Flight. It didn’t help one little bit, unfortunately.

The Wyze beta doesn’t help me at all. I’m having all the same issues…

I really don’t like the limits on comments… it makes this forum nearly useless…

Unfortunately, I was not aware of the WYZE to IOS 13 issues (beta user). I installed a new router in my home, obviously with new wifi, but can’t reinstall either of my cameras because of the app compatibility issues mentioned above. Can’t view the network names in order to select my new one and/or see where to enter password. Buttons and fields are all messed up.

So, now have two non-functioning cameras.

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