Invalid Email?


I registered my account on 1/21/19. I have remained logged in on my Wyze app and everything has worked fine. I recently had reason to believe that someone else (my ex) might have access to my cameras without my permission. I tried to reset my password but keep getting an “Invalid Email” error message when I do so. I have NOT changed the email address associated with my account. Is it possible I’ve been hacked? If so, what do I do about it? I am hesitant to log off the app in fear that I won’t be able to get back in.


Have you tried the lost password link here:


Yes, and I get “Invalid username or email” which is why I’m concerned. I have not changed my email since I registered my account, yet it seems to have changed or not able to be recognized. I have verified in my email account the Wyze account initial setup and welcome emails.


Check for a space at the end of your email address. When I was setting up my account the software or my keyboard kept adding one automatically.


If you are still stuck, you will need to call or email Wyze support.


Has this issue been resolved for you? I have contacted support but Iʻve tried numerous potential fixes and nothing works. I can sign in and out of the app with the same password, but I am unable to log into the account on my computer, nor am I able to change my password via the app. Is there a physical approval process necessary at first, since I just created my account this afternoon?


When you try to log into on a computer, what is the message you get? Could you post a screenshot?


After the second failed login, there was a banner across the top of the page that said invalid email and then linked me to forgotten password page ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Sort of gave up with it, since it works fine from the app. trying to resolve another issue sigh