Introducing Wyze Video Doorbell - 9/22/20

Technically (according to FCC documentation), Wyze Sense is between 906.0 and 918.0MHz. So they maybe could communicate with the Chime via the Wyze Sense hub or the doorbell could make use of the motion or contact sensors. We’ll see if they do/allow any of that.

Wyze Sense - what frequency do they use? - Ask the Community - Wyze Community (


That would be great if it worked with the sensors, I would buy at least 3 more sensors if it worked with the chimes…

really wishing it had sd option, i was hoping it could link to the base station of the wco so it can record on sd that is not outside

Can you use Amazon Ecobee3 Thermostat to be configured to chime/ring when video doorbell is pressed? Since it has Alexa, and also a Mic and a Speaker?

Will the bracket fit existing standard doorbell switchplate screwholes? Wondering since the footprint of wyze doorbell seems smaller than others.

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  • Integrates with Alexa and Google Assistant. Your doorbell will sound on your smart speaker when you’re home.

Interesting, so you don’t really need a separate chime device from Wyze anyway? I have 6 Google Assistants throughout my house already and this implies it will push a chime on to all of them. That is a huge plus and upgrade from my current old-school doorbell even if this Wyze version doesn’t have an SD card for continual recording or PD without a subscription (though to be fair, compared to other major competitors’ costs, this is still an awesome deal).

@steve4335 pointed out that the main benefit of the chime is that it will function even if your internet is not working, while Google/Alexa need internet.

I wonder what the cooldown is on the 12-second clips. If there was NO cooldown then it wouldn’t be limited to 12 seconds, WCO has 1 minute, so that’s my guess. V2 is 5 minutes, but that would cause a lot of missed events for a doorbell facing outward to a bunch of activity (people walking by on the sidewalk, pets, plants, etc) and then might miss capturing a delivery guy or porch pirate who comes during the cooldown period.
I’ll play it safe and integrate mine with a porch motion sensor to push a cloud recording to the cam anytime it’s triggered, to make sure there aren’t missed events.

This is so far the only device I’ll possibly (possibly, mind you) consider getting Cam Plus for…

Shame they won’t be ready by Christmas, Wyze might’ve made a ton of extra sales for gifts.


The specs says that it integrates with any Alexa device, so the answer should be yes. It’s not limited to an Echo device, just any Alexa device with a speaker, so that device would count because it works just like any other Alexa Speaker would. If it lets you play music or something on it by asking Alexa to do so, then you should be good.

Yes the ecobee is a standard alexa device. Awsome!! This is great cuz my econee is right below my initial house chime which i guess i cant use. And i’ll plug wyze chime upstairs.

Is it impossible to use wired house chime? There must be a way… other video doorbell can use house chime.

Wait, 906.8MHz is not between 907.8-918.0MHz…so how could they possibly work together?

I am not a professional in this area, But from a layman’s POV, it seems like the new frequency is outside the range of the other ones…are they possibly compatible somehow despite being different frequencies…ie: because it’s close enough or something? That doesn’t make sense…but again, this isn’t my area of expertise, just seems like simple math that one frequency would have to fall within the others.

In the installation video it shows them taking the wires off the chime and connecting them to each other - apparently this needs a closed circuit to run and the old chimes are open until the doorbell is pressed

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When is it coming to Canada ?

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Yes and No.
It might be too complicated for most people to do the special wiring required for this, but it can certainly be done. It partially depends how Wyze has configured their doorbell.

It can for sure be done in one way or another, it just isn’t going to be a simple solution, and for most people it will not be worth the hassle. Still, if you really want to do it, someone will eventually post a walkthrough online like they have with the other similar video doorbells.

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Sorry, correction. The forum post I linked above indicates anywhere from 906.0MHz to 918.0MHz. But without official confirmation from Wyze, we can only guess anyway.

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My Chime Box is this right now, can it be done?

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@WyzeGwendolyn From the installation video, they bypassed the house chime, do you know if there’s a way for us to wire in the old house chime in parallel to the new circuit?

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I would guess that would not work, the chime would need a break in the circuit to activate, and that was not built into the wyze doorbell…if you tried to wire it you would most likely end up with a chime that is always open or always closed

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this is a really popular question :stuck_out_tongue:

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Okay, thanks for the clarification! That is very promising, it means it is “possible” they could [eventually] work together directly. That is cool.

I assume that the Chime will actually be integrated into the Wyze Ecosystem to work as a rule with other devices anyway. For example, while I have the traditional ding-dong chime set for the doorbell, I am sure we’ll be able to make a rule where anytime my backyard cam gets a Person detection alert, it uses the “Bark” chime. Or maybe anytime a certain motion sensor or contact sensor is triggered a rule causes a specific chime to let me know. Thus, if you have internet access and everything is on Wyze Servers, then Wyze Rules (and maybe even IFTTT rules) can make other things trigger the chime anyway…won’t matter if they use the same frequency/standard or not. This might not be available immediately, but I am pretty sure it will be possible regardless. They’d be crazy not to integrate it into their system. If you make one of your contact sensors work as a leak detector as others have done, they could have the chime make a sound alert through rules. So many cool possibilities.

Honestly, I’m almost as excited about the Chime possibilities as the doorbell itself, especially since it indicates that more chimes can be added…I wonder if they are Wyze selected chimes only, or if we’ll be able to add our own sound clips, which would be AWESOME!

Regardless, your find that the Doorbell/chime and the sensors have overlapping frequencies is awesome. The Home Assistant crowd might be able to hack them to work together directly for Home Assistant even if Wyze doesn’t do so themselves. They hacked the Sensor bridge to plug directly into the server by USB instead of through a cam.

Any plans to offer a wireless option? I do not have a wired doorbell or any for that matter. This is what is lacking in this space, a good wireless battery operated video doorbell. The closest does not work in my Google ecosystem and cost to much. Would rather not use from another unknown vendor either adding yet another camera app to my phone. Not do I trust most of those unknown no name for themselves fly by night makers, most have poor resolution and horrid reviews. A wireless option from a company I trust (that’s you Wyze) and already have bought into would be great.


On Twitter, this is what they had to say: “While Wyze Chimes can only be directly paired with one doorbell, you can use Rules to trigger multiple chimes when a doorbell button is pressed.”


I would hope to use 2 doorbells, 1 chime speaker, assign different chime to each doorbell, like regular doorbells have a long chime for front, short chime for rear.
Less hardware.

Last time the ODC said it was a 1:1 base to cam pairing with the early access, but that was malarky.
I have 2 spare bases, 3 ODCs running off 1.

We’ll see, I ordered 2

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