Introducing Wyze Video Doorbell - 9/22/20

Yes the wyze has one, but the wyze doorbell completely bypasses the legacy chime and just uses it for power. That’s why wyze uses an external wireless chime. The remobell+ being discussed uses the legacy chime to ding dong.

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Oh yeah, I forgot about the lighted doorbells always drawing power, never really thought about how they can do that! Thanks!

Okay, I can understand that now!

Now that I think about it, I can actually make my doorbell ding slightly differently depending on how hard or solidly I press the doorbell button, so if you make the connection weak enough, it will draw enough power to charge up a capacitor, or any number of other solutions (including I imagine once the capacitor fills up, you could push some extra power into a battery or something? Maybe that’s a little complicated), but that current won’t push the chimes hard enough to trigger. Smart.

I am guessing though, that this method of reduced current doesn’t draw enough power for the Video doorbell to record 24/7, which is a bummer. I’d really prefer to to have a video doorbell that could record nonstop all day long to an SD card.

Now that I understand how that works, it makes me think that Wyze did things a little weird…they bypassed the chime to get a constant strong amount of power, but then still don’t allow us to record 24/7 to a local SD card. That doesn’t make sense. Either allow 24/7 recording, OR if you’re only going to allow intermittent recording, you might as well set it up to allow the chime to work. Instead, Wyze won’t allow the chime AND won’t allow 24/7 recording. That’s just weird to take away both options when you can definitely have one or the other.

I have one coming anyone, and I guess with my camplus subscription on it, it will still record more often than others, but still not 24/7 unless I tell it the entire view is the detection zone and set the sensitivity up to max…but then I will get unwanted notices unless I set it not to give me person detection notices (just package, detection and when someone presses the VDB button). That is a frustrating limitation.

Hopefully they’ll come out with an upgraded version 2 in a year or 2 and I can just move this one to my secondary entrance.

Thanks for the explanation, it was starting to hurt my brain how on earth that was possible…I guess they aren’t exactly binary after all…or at least they are binary, but only when it is at or above the threshold, leaving room for other things to capitalize on input below the threshold. :slight_smile:

For my situation, I’m glad they did it the way they did. Currently I have two buttons, front and side doors. But only one chime on the main level. When I get wyze, bought 3, I’ll replace two buttons, one chime on main level, one in bonus room above garage and one on tinker room in basement. Hopefully can program them so that either button will ding all three chimes. 24x7 recording to sd would be nice, but I can live without it.

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Any update on when it will ship? I have waited patiently since September.

last update said 1/29

Wyze Video Doorbell:

  • Used to say shipping starts by early February…
    :point_right: Orders will start shipping by 1/29.

Their page says you can have any number of chimes per doorbell.
The question is when we’ll be able to buy extra chimes now. I need some more and they’re not on the site.

Just received our doorbell! Just like all of our other Wyze products, quick and simple installation, thank you!
I get nervous, though, if all this can be true!? American company, quality made and affordable? Please tell me it’s all true! :grin:

Enjoy the honeymoon :smiley:

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It’s an American company, but most of the products are technically Chinese-made.

Wyze’s suppliers are mostly Chinese companies who build them, then Wyze makes some tweaks to the firmware to make them their own with great added features.

Personally, I’ve never cared about the whole tribalism stuff…I don’t care where anything is made or what country a company is from.

But for those that do, there are some interesting large scale macro-economics points that indicate even if a person is strong on tribalism and loyalty moral foundations (everything must be American), it’s actually better in the long term to purchase products that come in from other countries rather than ONLY your own (Still need to consume more of your own stuff than you export of course), and thus Wyze is the best of both worlds since they are bringing in other countries’ (Chinese) goods but making all the services for them run by Americans within the American economy. Let me briefly explain, keeping this all about ideas and how it relates directly to Wyze (making it better for America than being 100% all made American):

The real wealth of a nation is all it produces, plus all it imports, minus what it must export. In the long term, imports are real benefits, exports are real costs. In economics, it’s better to receive than to give. Therefore, a trade deficit increases our overall real standard of living, and the higher the trade deficit the better. The rest of the world (in the case here with Wyze: China) has been sending us hundreds of $billion worth of real goods and services more than we send them, which they get to produce and export, and we get to import and consume. It’s not a big problem when we consume stuff from other countries (including China, the bigger problem comes in the long term when we export too much to other countries. A lot of people have some of this backwards, thinking only in the short term.

A person can read a more in-depth explanation of all this in Warren Mosler’s “Innocent Frauds - The 7 Deadly Innocent Frauds of Economic Policy” essay, particularly the explanation about the myth that Trade deficits are detrimental, and his explanation about how Trade deficits directly improve our standard of living. …and while I don’t agree with a lot of the deep stuff he says and gets into (ie: certain financial policies), he makes some really interesting points on this matter of why in the long term view it’s actually good and more beneficial to purchase goods to come in from other countries.

The US can ALWAYS support domestic output and employment with fiscal policy (explained elsewhere in his essay)- even when China, or any other nation, decides to send us real goods and services that displace our industries previously doing that work. All we have to do is keep American spending power high enough to be able to buy BOTH what foreigners want to sell us AND all the goods and services we can produce as ourselves. With the right fiscal policy there will be sufficient domestic spending power to be able to employ those willing and able to work producing other goods and services for our consumption.

As long as we take in more goods from China than we send them, in the long term macro-economics scale of things, our economy will be better. Wyze allows us to take in products from China while providing profits to an American company that also continues to provide services.

Anyway, I won’t go any further as things can get into political ideology unrelated to Wyze, but my overall point is that Wyze is a great kind of company that is importing more goods from elsewhere, still making a profit for Americans, giving ongoing services to Americans, all without doing much exporting back to China (exporting to Canada and tight economic allies is not harmful), and they are disrupting markets to drive awesome competition and innovation (not just prices, but even things like how after Wyze launched Edge AI detection, other companies started working on and doing it too, to make things more affordable and effective…regardless of Wyze losing Edge AI, they drove lots of others to do it and that’s awesome!).

As far as I am concerned, the fact that Wyze imports from China and modifies the firmware to be personalized for their US business model instead is a huge plus…but I respect others with thoughtful differing opinions too. As I said, my ultimate opinion isn’t actually based on tribalism rationales (I’m more of a globalist in these kind of matters…having been all around the world, I just love everyone). :slight_smile: I was just providing some explanations of why those who have tribalism values can still feel good supporting Wyze despite importing from China. In the long-term view, it’s actually a positive as long as we consume more than we export.

I just think Wyze is the best of both worlds in these kinds of things.


Has streaming to google home devices been resolved? I’d love to have the doorbell feed come up on the tv automatically when pressed.

Re: Google Home integration:

They are about to start some new Alpha testing on Google Home Device streaming within a week, the tests will last for about 3 weeks. Those are supposed to be for regular streaming from any device (including the VDB), but it will presumably be about manually asking Google to stream the devices for now…

Wyze is also working to enable WebRTC streaming which means we’ll be able to connect our Wyze Devices and Google Home Devices to each other directly/LOCALLY soon.

There hasn’t been word specifically about the automatic VDB integration (have it automatically pull up on our Googles when the button is pressed), but Google extended 3rd party access to this functionality sometime toward the end of last year. I am sure Wyze will take advantage of it eventually after they first resolve the foundational issues.

For now, we have a small timeline…Alpha testing starts within a week, then 3 more until it completes, then we’ll know more. So basically, wait until end of this month or beginning of April and ask again and we may have more info from the Wyzerds (amazing Wyze Nerds who work their wizard magic on special new functionality we want) on this issue then.

Hope that answers your curiosity to some degree for now…because it’s all we have available to us right now. :slight_smile:


If it’s anything like the Alexa integration won’t it still be mostly pointless for a doorbell? WebRTC might be a game changer but I think currently 10-20 second waits are the norm.

I don’t know enough about it to know, but I had assumed that 10-20 or more second connection waits were partially because of all the routing through multiple servers and nodes (router, modem, ISP, which may route it through backbone cable or satellite or who knows what, multiple channels to Wyze Server, then who knows how many connections to get over to Amazon/Google and different internal connections, then back several channels to your ISP then to your modem, then router, then back to the display device…I think that’s a big reason it takes so long. We’re talking thousands of miles and dozens of different connections before it comes back, many requiring some kind of authentication or encryption/decrytion of the information and retransmitting it in the right way.

By contrast, I would expect that WebRTC could theoretically just go from the Cam to the router, to the display. Only a few feet total, and possibly just a single node in between them (the router) without all the insanity and delays and points of failure. I would expect they could easily get it down to within a couple of seconds. I thought I remembered WyzeFrederik saying something about a 4 second expectation (I could be mistaken).

That still may be a little long for a doorbell unless you have it start loading while someone is walking up your sidewalk before they press the button. So, perhaps we could set a detection zone for the sidewalk, use the detection zone (currently in beta), and when it detects a person in that area it starts to load the doorbell cam onto the Alexa/Google Display. By the time they get to the door, you can see them and start talking (or not…it starts muted on the app, and I assume displays would allow this too). Seems reasonable if done that way.

Apparently even the “old” way should allow local communication across your home network. I can’t figure out what the long delays are (not unique to Wyze either).

Under good network conditions, the first frame should render on a device with within six seconds from when the TLS handshake completes. Optimize startup latency by adjusting key frame rates and buffer times of the stream.

You can return a local URI on the same network as your device, or you can return a remote URI accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection. You should return a URI that makes the most sense for your device cloud configuration. Whether you return a local or remote URI, you must meet all requirements including the use of TLS 1.2.

In general, a URI isn’t reachable both locally and remotely by default. You can make the URI accessible locally and remotely through domain purchasing or port forwarding. These solutions are technically challenging, so provide this solution only if your customers need both local and remote URI access.

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Some good feedback. I have a small tv mounted in portrait orientation on my basement wall as a fake window. I was using an old wyzecam mounted sideways outside and tinyCam Monitor Pro to stream the feed.

Hooking up the new doorbell, I went into tinyCam’s camera settings and checked the status to find out what channel the doorbell was on. Switched the channel, and done. No rotation needed. The 4:3 aspect ratio is odd on a 16:9 screen, but it works. I set my firetv stick to use the H264 HW decoder and get a solid 20 fps.


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I got my doorbell awhile back but the weather hasn’t been conducive to installing it. That may change this weekend.

Those that have installed it - what do you think about the electronic chime? I haven’t heard it. I’m a little afraid it will sound “Cheesy” like a lot of electronic chimes do.

So what’s the consensus? Sound ok?

I didn’t care much for the modern tunes or animal sounds but the classic chimes are very realistic.

And loud! That tiny speaker is way louder that one would expect.

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At least one of the classic chimes are really good (#6 Doorbell 1 - my wife and daughter didn’t really like most of the other sounds as a doorbell noises, though they could be useful for other things if the chime is ever allowed to work with rules). And it does go louder than my real mechanical chime ever did and it’s more reliable than my old mechanical chime. It’s a big winner IMO.

Only downside is that there is no way to constantly record. No SD card nor RTSP. If I want to basically constantly record the best I can do is to remove the detection zone and turn up the sensitivity so it will record all motion, but then it is totally worthless for notifications because it would give notifications for all cars and people across the street too. If I want notifications I have to set a detection zone, but then it rarely records anything, so either way there is a big fail when it comes to recording options, even WITH Cam Plus…but as for the chime itself, I like it. Though it would be nice if we could add and select our own sounds for the chime eventually, there is at least one classical doorbell chime that is really good (#6 Doorbell 1)

For what it’s worth I just discovered today how to do continuous recording in TinyCam Pro. I thought I had it on but it was only doing motion detection events. (I just had to hit the Play button under Background Mode). This will probably work for your doorbell?

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Oh yeah, I didn’t even think about that. I did know that TCP can do continuous recording. You’re right, that IS a potential solution! Maybe I will do that. I was thinking I’d be stuck having to leave another camera watching the front of my house just to have this capability, but TCP is a great alternative. Thanks for the reminder.

My only real hesitation is whether I want a constant stream through my internet.

  1. Comcast only allows me up to 1TB/mo before overcharges. I haven’t ever exceeded this by myself, but when we rented out our basement and allowed the tenants to share the wifi, we went over once…then I set up bandwidth monitors and limitations to make sure that never happened again while they were here…but I’m still cautious now. Shame TCP isn’t 100% local RTSP or this would be perfect.
  2. It might increase problems with the Router since they can only handle so many connections at a time before spazzing out and collapsing connectivity frustrating everyone. having one connection dedicated just for the doorbell to constantly stream may not be worth it…

I will have to consider this. Might be worth it, maybe even just on a certain schedule or something. At least it makes it possible to record constantly when desired. Thanks for the reminder!

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