Introducing Cam Plus - 7/30/20

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$15 per camera for software and cloud upgrades is way too much. It’s everything we already have with just a little extra perk on top. That’s too steep per camera. Maybe if there was an account price.
This isn’t the first time Wyze has started lean towards a “we hooked everyone cheap and now gonna start hiking prices and nickel and diming” mentality of everyone else.


What happened to the no charge or pay what you want for PD Offer sent to established users?
Now, I read that PD is not supported on the outdoor camera. It is worthless to me without PD. Too bad no one disclosed this information before shipping the outdoor camera. Changing the offering after collecting my money is not fair or ethical.

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The pay for PD update is coming in september i think, they said that when they announced the pay for PD update. This is a different thing.

Hello! I just signed up for the annual subscription on 8/2/20 for $14.99 annual. did I receive CAM plus? Thanks.

Yes, but go check out this thread

I just subscribed to cam plus and thought it was required to receive person detection notification. Although it records and its in the events, I am not notified when a person is present. This is a big issue for me. Any ideas why I am receiving motion notifications but not person?

To set up Person Detection:

  1. Open the Wyze app, then tap Account > Wyze Services .
  2. On the Wyze Service tab, tap **Person Detection .
  3. Select the device you’d like to enable Person Detection on.
  4. You’re all set! Person Detection is now enabled.

Yes it’s enabled and it records but I do not receive any notifications!

Camera settings/ Event recording

Camera settings/Notifications.

Welcome to Cam Plus. We are extremely excited to charge you for what used to be free.

Look at all the features you used to get with no charge. We are so happy we lied to you when we first came out with the wyze family of cameras and promised that we would not charge you for these features.

Where can I return all of my wyze products for a refund?


OK, YOU GUYS HAVE GREAT PRODUCTS. BUT (There is always a but) I realize that you are trying to find the best point for services you are missing out on a group.

You keep pricing everything PER Camera. While this may work for those with one or two, what about those of us who have many of them? I have eight active cameras. If I go with the plan at $15 each, I’ll end up paying $120 per year. Which while not actually a bad price, gets a bit confusing as I do not need all of them stored in the cloud.

I put cards in ALL of them and most of them cannot actually be reached so that they can be stolen. At this point, there are only three or four that I would like to have the extra services on. If I go with four, I am now at $60 per year.

What you need is an unlimited / tiered plan for those of use with lots of cameras.

$39 for up to five cameras. (Must be at the same location)
$59 for up to ten cameras. (Must be at the same location)
$99 for unlimited cameras. (Must be at the same location)

Something like this would work for those with lots of cameras. I pay $99 per year for my Ring security system with cloud storage for two doorbells so even $99 per year is not out of the question. By pricing everything per camera, it makes it seem like you are nickel and diming us to death. Please avoid this appearance.


I can’t seem to find it but I read that CamPlus does in fact work with the Outdoor Cam. The recording time however us limited to 1 minute for each event.

Was I dreaming this? My only reason to purchase CamPlus would be for my incoming Outdoor cam.

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Why the Must be at the same location stipulation?
I use one at my vacation home. Why would it not be included? :slight_smile:

FYI if you are AMEX owner use eligible AMEX small business promo which gives $5 back for this purchase and it only costs 6 bucks. Good Deal!

Send them back. Bye

Per account would be more appropriate.


Will Cam Plus and person detection be available to outdoor cam?
It does not work so I cant replace my regular cam that sits outside.

It’s useless.

Since the latest update, my events are not recording. I would gladly subscribe to Cam Plus, but it’s not appearing as an option on either the android or ios app.

I called tech support July 30 and after troubleshooting for almost an hour, he confirmed that it’s a known issue and is being worked on. So right now my camera is essentially useless. I can see live, but it’s not recording at all.


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You have to sign up directly from the website using the phone/pc browser. Can’t sign up for cam plus via app. Hope this helps with the sign up issue.