International Space Station Caught on Wyze V3

I, too, wasn’t being disrespectful of Professor @Bam and my other Wyze Celestial professors. I honestly didn’t know a darn thing about any of this sky stuff … and frankly, didn’t really care.

Until I got my V3 … now, my wife says I’m obsessed. I contend that no, I’m still only obsessed with WYZE and only WYZE, including the V3, pointing straight up … but it’s still a Wyze product, an object of my obsession.

I think my wife is jealous of my new found V3 love, but will get over it.

I still love her dearly, particularly if she lets me buy a bunch more V3 cameras.

I’m not making any threats, just stating a fact. Good thing she’s not on WYZE.COM that often.

And I will always be thankful and grateful to all the good folks on this website who are educating me on how to get the most out of my V3 starlight view.


@bam Did you capture the ISS the other night? I’ve been able to see the ISS with my eyes from my front yard, start low (fast and really bright) in the northwest crossing to the northeast before it dims, but haven’t been able to catch a video, because my house blocks my lower northern view from my camera, set up in the back yard.

It looks like Dec. 8th is going to be my best chance to catch a fly-over. But I think it’s going to be cloudy.

But come on, folks, has anybody been able to capture the ISS with their V3? I’d love to see it recorded on a Wyze camera!

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no I did not the other night period it was very very cloudy here. But oddly enough I was just enjoying myself listening to some '90s music and doing some electrical work in the garage and my phone went off over my stereo letting me know that it was going overhead in about 5 minutes. I just ran outside was able to adjust my V3 and was able to get multiple videos with both night vision and regular color of the ISS going overhead. as soon as I finish up my garage project in the next hour or so I will be attempting to get these uploaded :slight_smile:


You skywatchers up North may want to point your v3s North to catch the Aurora Borealis tonight and tomorrow evening.


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I went out a few hours ago and adjusted mine to point up and also turned on the time lapse for tonight. Sadly I did get an alert that it will probably be better tomorrow on the 10th, there was a slight adjustment in the forecast but nonetheless my B3 will be pointing up and attempting anyway.

tonight I’m going to keep the night vision on to see if it captures more light and if I even get a hint of the aurora. Maybe tomorrow I will turn the night vision off and see if I can get some color. (More than likely I won’t though because I have a lot of light pollution around here)


I am in northern Indiana, and I have never seen an Aurora here. Didn’t tonight either, but it says we might on that map. You are a little further north in a somewhat darker area, I am interested in what you see. But to me, if you want to ever see an aurora, go above the 45th parallel. And then there still has to be today’s activity!

BTW, I have seen them, but only from the northern part of lower Michigan. OMG, what you can see from above the 45th parallel in a dark area of the lower part of Michigan. I once took a weekend canoe trip on the Au Sable river, and I have never seen the likes since. Even in a SE corner of AZ, where they said they had the darkest skies ever.


Thanks @seapup! I’m out on the outer band of the possible viewing area. But according to Dark Sky cloud forecast map, it looks like I’m also going to have a lot of clouds.

Dark Sky Maps

Dang! Appreciate the tip, though. @mvb, I think you’re in the same boat as me for tonight, Dec. 10th.

I’m hoping somebody captures the Northern Lights on their Wyze V3. That would be so cool! Would love to see it.

@bam Color would be spectacular if you could catch it! Good luck


I had 2 cameras out last night. It clouded up for a while during the night. But I’m hoping to have caught something.

Even though it may be cloudy tonight, I’ll adjust one of the cameras to point more toward the northern horizon, turn off night vision and set up a time lapse. Maybe I’ll get lucky.

Sign of a true Wyze V3 Starlight Sensor addict … getting lucky means capturing the Aurora Borealis or possibly a Geminid meteor shower in the days ahead. Good luck!


If anyone’s able to capture color of meteors coming in you can actually tell what they’re made of :slight_smile:


I did capture the ISS yesterday at 4:48 pm CST. I’ll post the video later this afternoon.

Finally made it back home. I have 7 minutes of IIS video between the 2 cameras. Here is one of them. It is in the center top of the view. (again it looks best in full screen):


I caught a sodium and my favorite magnesium meteorite last week, but didn’t think anyone cared to see them so I didn’t save the footage. They’ve been overwritten. :neutral_face:


Is that from a 24hr record or do these cams actually catch motion that small?

You were able to see the difference in color? Wow! The clouds are supposed to clear out by Sunday. I’m going to set up a pair of V3s pointing in the same direction. One with night vision on and the other with it off. It will be an interesting comparison.

It really depends on how big the meteor is and how long the movement lasts. I did have a couple trigger a motion event recording. But the vast majority of the meteors I found were way too small. It took scanning each 1 minute video in full screen mode to catch the slight movement. It is a little tedious, (just ask @todwatts), but it’s fun to find that little streak!

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Seapup … I’m … and I’m sure others … are excited to see what others capture with their V3s.

Think of it this way, if you posted a “capture” on a certain day and time. That would give other V3 users a reference point to check their own continuous recordings.

It’s a bit time consuming and down right boring to scroll through several days continuous motion on an SD card. But that’s the best way to find meteors in my opinion.

However, I love the lazy way of checking. Letting other V3 owners do all the hard work. In other words, if @mvb posts a capture at Dec. 12th at 12:31 in the morning. I can scroll back and see if I captured anything at that time frame.

So please, post all your captures! Particularly meteors and other things that go bump in the dark night skies.

I do think the moderators are going to have to establish some guidelines for posting meteor captures … it would be really cool to see how many V3 users capture slightly different views of the same meteor, given the differences in geographical locations.

And to think, we’re doing this with a camera that sells for $19.99. Absolutely amazing that I can own something capable of this.

And, again with the lazy mode I’m in, all I have to do it put the V3 outside, turn it on, go to bed and check for what I catch later!

@jaketheone46 Mike is being too nice to say it’s “tedious.” I’d call it a real PIA. Actually, I’m joking.

I liken it to a treasure hunt. It takes a lot of time and effort to find the meteors caught with “continuous” motion recording. And you are going to spend a lot of time looking in the wrong location (each minute of continuous recording isn’t going to contain a meteor).

I probably caught three or four meteors during the recent Leonid Meteor shower event with triggered motion detection clips.

But I found 20 or 30 (and probably a bunch more, but some were so small or unimpressive that I didn’t even count or save them). It was exciting to search for them, but really, really time consuming.

But I think the peak of the upcoming Geminid meteor shower is going to be much more exciting. They are forecasting up to 150 meteors per hour! 150!

I’ve already started catching some Geminid meteors. See post in Captured on Wyze. But so far, most of them have been small, some only 1/4 inch on the screen. And come and go quicker than your eye can focus on.

But the best method is to pull the SD card, and search each minute of each hour of each nigh time hour. You don’t have to watch them “real” time. Pause the minute long videos, and then grab the little scroll ball to ratchet back and forth through the video. You have to do it a couple of times, because sometimes I would be looking at the top of the screen and “think” I saw something on another area of the screen.

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