International Space Center. Mag -4.4. Dec 23 on V3

I just double checked the settings and the night vision is forced to ON. If it is set to OFF, then you will get color recordings. If it is set to AUTO, it might switch between black/white and color, depending on how much light is available.

Over Christmas, I had 2 cameras pointed in the same direction. One had night vision ON and the other OFF, in hopes of getting a color shot of a meteor. Still have to go through that footage.


wow awesome


Thanks @buntaeve! Do you have a Wyze V3? If so, you can capture the ISS or meteors that fly through the dark night sky!

I look forward to seeing what you and others capture!

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Happy New Year from the ISS Expedition 64 crew! See “the ball” drop in space!

A New Year’s Tradition Looks a Little Different in Space - YouTube



That’s a phenomenal ISS capture @todwatts… your perseverance definitely paid-off that time-around-the-planet :earth_americas:.

Definitely an A+ for effort in my book. In addition, you score :100: for a successful mission.

Thank you for your continued night-sky sharing

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I would be curious, if they ever upgraded the pan cam with the starlight sensor from the v3, if you could get it to automatically track a pass of the ISS?

I’ve already replaced the lens in my pan cam and v2 cams with several focal-length telephoto lenses to see if I can optimize their use outside - the v3 may be the next in the experiment :slight_smile:

Clear skies!

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