Interior wall not seen as wall

Help Wyze. Significant issue with dividing rooms.

We have an open concept area where the dining area is contiguous with the living area, connected to the entry, connected to a hall that connects to the kitchen… which connects to the afirementioned dining area. (Think donut with the hole that is walled and has a central bar/kitchen sink, dishwasher and pantry…]

Well, when it comes to dividing this combined area, the app does not recognize the central walled bar/kitchen pantry… as a “wall”. Thus, I cannot divide the largest portion of my home.

Without artificially subdividing with virtual barriers, (not sure this will work] how can I divide my room up!? My guess is that this rquires an app fix.

BTW - if this is not planned to fix, I might as well return the vacuum. Sorry, this is a deal breaker.

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Yes. Would certainly like to be able to define rooms using interior walls.

I have the same issue and only mapped half of my house into 2 separate rooms. This is a real bummer. Please sort this out.