Interior wall not seen as wall

Help Wyze. Significant issue with dividing rooms.

We have an open concept area where the dining area is contiguous with the living area, connected to the entry, connected to a hall that connects to the kitchen… which connects to the afirementioned dining area. (Think donut with the hole that is walled and has a central bar/kitchen sink, dishwasher and pantry…]

Well, when it comes to dividing this combined area, the app does not recognize the central walled bar/kitchen pantry… as a “wall”. Thus, I cannot divide the largest portion of my home.

Without artificially subdividing with virtual barriers, (not sure this will work] how can I divide my room up!? My guess is that this rquires an app fix.

BTW - if this is not planned to fix, I might as well return the vacuum. Sorry, this is a deal breaker.


Yes. Would certainly like to be able to define rooms using interior walls.

I have the same issue and only mapped half of my house into 2 separate rooms. This is a real bummer. Please sort this out.

I have a similar situation. I need to be able to split a large room into 3 different “rooms.” This currently isn’t possible in the user interface as it does not allow room dividers to be anchored to inner walls.

I don’t have an issue, but I split join rooms and then split across door openings. was wondering if you can post an image of your mapping and where you would like the split.

In the past I worked with @rui.luo on Vacuum issues. Maybe if you post the image and explain where and how you want to split the room, they may be able to help. I will also look at what you want and see if it maps to how I did it within my in-laws house.

I wish I could split across door openings. Here’s a screenshot of one example in my home. There are actually 4 doorways in this image. However, each doorway touches the inner section of Room 1, shown with dark grey lines.

When I try to split this room I can only move the 2 white circle targets onto cyan green walls, not anything colored dark grey. And I need to be able to lock a white circle target onto the dark grey walls in the center of Room 1. This would let me split this space into the 4 separate spaces it really is (a closet, bathroom, small laundry area, and hallway.) I’m using:
Vacuum Firmware 1.6.113
Android app 2.21.26, last updated 2021-06-15


My Vacuum FW is 1.6.130. I was fortunate to be able to load the .130 FW.

So the area in the middle is actual rooms and not an island. Here is a stupid question as I had weird results when I updated to a new version of the FW. Did you clear your map and remap your house? I missed it when it was mentioned in one of the posts. once I did that, the map was much better and Vacuum worked. A quick map should work. I am checking against my In-Laws home where they have some interior walls, but not sure if they show up as Dark lines.

@rui.luo , given the provided map, could there be an issue where the mapping thinks interior rooms are consider similar to islands and not actual rooms?

The area in dark grey is not an island but interior walls (ceiling to floor that contains a sink & counter in the bathroom + a sink & counter in small laundry space + closet shelving).

I just did a Quick Map today and ran into not being able to split rooms as shown above.
My app shows I have the latest firmware (1.6.113).
Thanks for trying to help.

I’ve had the same issue with no fixes. In fact, 8 of the 9 homes I’ve lived in since being a teenager have had the same issue- central walls with open halls or doors. (I’m 66 now.]

I found a workaround. I set a sheet of plywood as a fake wall between the inner wall and the outer wall. After remapping. It allowed me to use the inner wall for dividing. Oddly, upon removing the plywood, the robot goes through that “wall” to access rooms behind it.

@mainstreet1612, I’m not totally following you. Given your screenshot, where did you put the plywood? I have a similar problem, where it somehow thinks the area on one side of an interior wall (our bedroom dressing area) is the same room as the area on the other side of the wall (the guest bathroom and the hallway it opens into).


I placed a sheet of plywood between the red arrows when I remapped the house. (Between dining room and kitcken).

After mapping I took the plywood away.

Anyway, after the remapping it then recognized my central wall as a wall and allowed me to divide the large area using it as a wall.

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