Interior locking door handle

Here’s the scenario:

Our home has a master bedroom. It has a typical door handle with a latch on the inside and a hole on the outside.

I believe there’s a market for a compact electronic indoor door handle that will lock from the outside. There can be a manual or controlled latch on the inside but what I care about is that the door can’t be opened from the outside without permission.

In my case I have a chronic issue where my son doesn’t ever remember to knock. He just barges in. He’s 5 so I can’t be too upset at him. Instead of having to lock the door all the time I’d like it to “self lock” from the outside at my choosing. To keep it compact it would be biometric only with a simple key in case the electronics fail. The inside part ie: from inside the room as mentioned can be manual latched, unless costs don’t increase to make it 2 way and both sides be biometric. But what I really care about is the outside.

This type of handle can also be used for other applications. Indoor office, pantry, walk in closets, bathrooms, man/ woman space, etc.

There are some examples on non-app enabled electronic door handles, levers and knobs on Amazon.