Integration with Existing Security Systems

Is there any thought about integration with any other security systems ? I currently use FrontPoint security for my home and it would be awesome if everything worked together.

Yes that would be nice if Wyze could work with other security systems! Example: Ring, Nest, Adt, ect.

the one issue I see with that, and keep in mind I am not an employee of Wyze, merely a volunteer forum Maven, but in integrating it with a true security system, it them could be referred to as a security camera, which these items are not, this could lead to a lot of issues of assumed reliability or capability when buying or if were to happen happen as these devices should not be relied on for security in any way.


Would anyone else be interested in a Wyze version of Konnected? I’m not interested in adding Wyze sensors throughout my home, but I would purchase one that hooked up to my existing security system box to add smart functionality to my home and other Wyze products. I would consider security monitoring provided by Wyze as well. Thanks for your time!


My current system has a siren, and I would like to have it work with the upcoming Wyze Alarm System.

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I would like integration with existing hard-wired sensors (like Konnected) - I have my whole house wired, every window, every door - (except garage doors - which I would use the existing Wyze sensors)…

Maybe a ‘smart’ terminal block that acts as a base station for the wired contact sensors and transmits wifi signals to emulate WYZE’s wireless sensors? I’d like that too.

I am very interested in this. I have a whole house wired with working door and motion sensors and would like those to appear in WHM. It’s the only thing holding me back from buying the wyze service.

Anyone working on this?