Integration with Alexa Guard


Create a routine with Alexa Guard that turn on the notifications via app and via SMS when detects movement when nobody’s home. Also notify the security and police via web service , SMS, Email, etc.


Is Alexa guard even live yet?


That would be a really bad idea. Way too may false positives & negatives to even automate this.


Alexa Guard?

I gotta ask her, about that skill?
Dk !!


Unless someone has Alexa Guard in beta perhaps, I’ve been watching for it and I don’t believe it’s released yet is it? When it is released, Alexa will notify you directly on your phone of glass break/smoke detection so I’m not sure there would be a benefit for notification integration with WYZE in that regard. *However, what might instead be beneficial is WYZE adding a glass break detection alert directly to WYZE alongside the smoke detector alert that it is already capable of.