Integrated bulb / floodlight and camera (not fixture)

I realize floodlight cam has been suggested

but I did not find a powerline camera/bulb.
Sengled packages a

“security cam” (I’d call it a surveillance cam) at a $140 price point.
I’m running several of my V2’s via a powerline connection. And I’m not exactly sure how my Wyze bulbs operate but I think they are basic WiFi (they would also be a powerline candidate).
A LOT of homeowners and businesses have fairly standard 1 to 3 bulb exterior fixtures that take an A19 based bulb, Instead of running Power over Ethernet run Ethernet over Power.

I like it, but would it unscrew itself?

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Hi Wyze. Maybe for your next camera you could add a spotlight to it. If an intruder came the camera could turn on the spotlight and they would run. Also for your video recording you could see the person better.


They might be able to use the USB power on the back of the current model and attach an LED light.

Move the decimal point on the price to the left.


Yes! If Wyze can do it for that price ($25) as they have on every other smart home product.
If only Wyze had listened to us back in August they would have been the first to market. “Maybe later” they can.

The problem with 360 degree cameras is that they are predominantly against a wall and therefore are ineffective.

Please don’t laugh as I am old and just got my first pair of cameras. Bulb, and smart outlets are on the way. I am very impressed.
Most houses have overhead entry lights. I told you not to laugh but I would love to see a combination screw in light/camera (possibly fisheye) so I need no power block and wires to deal with. Costly? Maybe, but I bet they would sell like crazy.
Thanks for your dedication to making high quality products at reasonable prices. It looks like you have a great philosophy.


I would love to replace my outdoor floodlights on my house, with a combo unit.


Hi all. i recently shared a picture on the FB group of a product i encountered online but after reading their reviews, i personally think Wyze could do a much better job.

This is what i found: a smart light bulb with an integrated camera.

Yes cameras are awesome and wyze has (in my opinion) some of the most affordable and simplest cameras you can get. But their are occasions/situations where you would desire to have your camera no visible to everyone. With such an implementation of the camera being built into the light bulb would make them less noticeable and now presents us with more ways to deploy more cameras.

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  • Power directly from the light socket
    -Easy to install in strategic places
  • Automatic On/Off Lightning with light sensor

An outdoor floodlight/camera would be great!

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I seen other products that were a light bulb meant to be pointed down with a camera in the middle and was all wireless, I would buy some if Wyze made some, also if Wyze made a bulb that was meant to be sideways with a camera on the side could be handy, the camera would have to be made to rotate so it could always be pointed down

So far I only have Wyze cameras in my home and I would like to keep that uniformed instead of having multiple vendors. With that being said it would be nice if you all offered a floodlight camera to your lineup as I am now looking into purchasing some.

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I agree. I like keeping as much uniformity in my house as I can. Which is why I still have no flood light with a camera! lol

Does Wyze have any plans on building a Floodlight Security Camera ?
I would love to add those on my Wyze security system.

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I would love if you guys could make a floodlight combined with a camera. I have been holding off on buying one because I have several wyze cams and I want to remain with your products. I think that there would be a solid demand for a wired outdoor floodlight camera.

Thanks for expanding your product line with bulbs outlets outdoor cameras and others.


flood light wyze cam with smart flood light bulbs with alexa or other app capabilities

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This would be a great successor to the WCO - with or without powerline networking capability.

Heck, I could find homes for a half dozen of them this afternoon! :grinning:

There are some really good solar outdoor flood lights that work surprisingly well with motion sensor. Until wyze has their own version for outdoor I will be using that when I get my new outdoor wyze cam, hopefully soon.

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