Integrate with has an app, which is now bring used by multiple, independent home (or business) alarm companies. (I use Link Interactive for my home slarm system.) Those companies use wireless sensors, and also use a video doorbell and save images, all for a very affordable monthly fee. For example, Brinks is now providing home alarm system, using the app. Interfacing with Wyze cameras would create a one-stop location to view doorbell videos, as well as in-house and future outdoor Wyze cam videos.

I just got Brinks and I have 4 Wyze cams…can this be done?

I got Brinks too… Would love to see my Wyze cam talking with the account.

I have and it would be great to have Wyze integration.

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Definitively a good idea to have the Wyze camera integrated to
Please let me know once it is done.
The app is able to read the mac address but can’t yet recognize the camera.

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