Integrate Existing Alarm (built-in) with smart Wyze Alarm

I recently purchased a NEXX system ( to turn my DSC hard-wired alarm into a smart alarm that integrates with many systems (Alexa, Google Assistant, SmartThings, etc.). I couldn’t wait for Wyze to offer this, but hope they will consider it since the DSC/ADT/Honeywell hard-wired systems are installed in many homes and most don’t want to pay the hefty fees to companies like ADT for monitoring.

I know that Wyze recently came out with a wireless solution, but for those of us who have built-in systems it would be great to get an offering similar to NEXX, but at a lower cost and with monitoring as an option.


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I love the idea of a retrofit kit for existing home alarm system sensors.
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I asked the question in April of 2019 and got this.
“Newshound Wayne
April 7

Not sure what equipment you are trying to integrate with, but the Wyze cams have their own independent system. So, if you have a screen full of displays from your existing cameras, then you could set a mobile tablet next to that showing your Wyze cams. Doubt you could actually integrate the systems better than that. Might help to give more specifics on what equipment you are using, and what type of integration you were hoping for.”

Konnected makes a device to use an existing wired system to be controlled through an app, not having to go through the overpriced security service providers. This is what I was asking for in 2019. To connect my existing security wiring to a Wyze integrated system, which is also the same thing these guys are wanting!!

There are companies that will monitor your existing systems that you have for decent prices.

I pay $18 a month for my alarm to be monitored and it is a smart alarm system also,
Would only cost $10 a month but I wanted both internet and a backup cellular communicator so that costed $8 more a month.

ALSO Your current system is a U.L. Listed alarm system and Wyze is NOT, the monitoring is UL listed but the Wyze alarm devices are not a U.L. Listed Alarm Device. Wyze is not worth the risk when it comes to security, and Medical & Fire which Wyze does not offer

I currently use Geo-Arm for monitoring

I agree and doesn’t actually seem that it would be that difficult as Ring has a bridge of sorts to link the old with the new… Retrofit Alarm Kit…

Just an update since I created this #wishlist topic. My experience with the NEXX alarm retrofit solution was mixed and ultimately I had to return the unit after it died. It is great concept, but is made by a newer company and the product just isn’t ready for prime time.

So now I want to double down and really hope that Wyze decides to provide an alarm retrofit option.

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Wyze home monitoring looks promising. However there is no need to buy all devices if my home is Pre wired. Would rather be able to link up existing sensors to my wyze home monitoring set up. (Cheat: look up similar device provided by ring).

I asked this question over a year ago, and the answer they gave wasn’t helpful…hopefully they come up with something. I know there is a company called konnected and you can get a monitoring company with it. Hope this helps or someone from Wyze does!!

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The Ring solution is just a wireless bridge to your wired sensors. It treats all of the wired sensors as one single generic zone so you have no idea which sensor was triggered. You just know that some wired sensor was triggered. Not great. Really hoping someone will fill this niche. Would prefer Wyze come up with some integration but doesn’t seem like they are that interested

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This would be great! There is a company that connects into an existing wired alarm system called Konnected. It is the same concept as what you mention but its a bit more hands on for the installation. It’s more of a DIY type solution. It would be nice if Wyze used the same concept but to connect to the Wyze Alarm eco system.

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The integration I would like is to remove my existing box that has all of the wires from my wired sensors and replace it with a wyze (or 3rd party) bridge. Simply connect wires to the bridge which signals wyse sense hub via wifi when any of the sensors are tripped. 6 or more zones would be nice so the tripped sensor can be somewhat identified.

As long as requirements are kept simple like I described, it seems like a rather simple undertaking for the Wyze engineers. There is a large market of existing wired homes like mine that don’t want to waste our wired sensors that cover our entire home.

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same here. haven’t even started using my wyze alarm yet, as there really is not good way to cover things, even with the motion sensors. and I really don’t want to replace all my existing sensors with new battery operated ones. especially the ones in my doors, as those are integrated into the door and trim.
I’d be happy to by the konnected device and do all the work, if they’d simply give us the integration.