Installing WYZE Cam outside - one approach


I tried black electrical tape on the outside of the camera’s box/enclosure, but it appeared that some of the light was reflecting inside the box.
I decided to disassemble the camera and used very small pieces of the same tape to wrap each LED, then reassembled it.
Not an elegant solution, but very effective.

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I tried black electrical tape, black duct tape. All didn’t work due to light reflection from the back of the tape. But this tape has little reflection. The interesting thing is automatic night mode still works even top light sensor is covered.


My Pan cam is outside in NB. No problems at all. It’s been down to -25C.

No case but it’s under a deep soffit, about 30" back from the edge.


I’m with you on this. Most of these decently made small electronics are much more resilient than people think. I also would not suggest leaving them out in direct rainfall or tossing them into a pool and expect it to work lol, but I just recently swapped to Wyze and mounted a couple Pan Cams in the 12/13$ silicone ‘weatherproof’ casing on a swivel, only reason I got them bc I feel the silicone case itself wont do much of anything, however mounted the cameras under the edge of my eaves near the house.

I had no reservations doing this in the humid/ridiculously humid and wet and hot GA climate as I have had multiple older kid range phones mounted outside using Alfred for multiple years now! With no ill effects initially then after a few years the heat and humidity and constant power in those lithium batteries caused them to swell and burn out. But they lasted quite a long time IMO. I’m not rich but if I end up having to replace a 30$ camera down the road a decent amount of time(1 to 3 years) it wont be a big deal for the utility and price for performance. Bc you will end up spending way more for the housing and enclosure than the cameras themselves!

Besides, replacing the cameras every few years let’s you get the new models :ok_hand:


I just installed my first pan cam outside on the garage. I ran the power to an outlet on the ceiling in the garage. I’m pleased with the results.


That looks to be a nice, clean installation and the resulting product looks good too.

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Installed pan cam under the eaves this weekend. It works great but I need to add some reinforcement as the vinyl material it is attached to can flex a bit with the wind and set off motion detection.


Great implementation! Can’t wait to install like this. Any issues with rain/fogging/condensation?




If you own a gopro Hero those top covers are a perfect fit for ther wycam, not pan


@bcorin I like the location you did with that. but ( only is possible and safe) could we get a close up of how exactly you attached it to the soffit? Ive thought about doing this myself, but im trying to figure out a good way that I can without just drilling holes and would be easily removable if/ when needed.


More or less I now just put the cam right outside and mounted not bothering wit hteh gopro case.


Porch light

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Then you need to turn on the light all the time so that Wyze cam gets power ?


I use auto dusk To Dawn bulbs In mine, Power stays on all the time


Use an led bulb w daylight sensor


Actually I have the cover from Amazon mounted to a tree has been through months of heavy rains and tornado weather. Still works just fine… the box with the clear lid will eventually overheat the camera. And they do make one smaller that fits almost perfect to the camera. And if you are worried about vandals stealing the camera then your not mounting it high enough and also keep in mind this is not designed to be a real security camera. I also have ones mounted under the eave of the house and weather don’t touch it.

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Just did one under soffit. Results in 2nd pix at night. It was set as “auto” not “off” for night vision.


I have had 2 of the amazon bird house covers make it through 2 seasons in the northern mountains of Utah. Both are under the eve but in the elements. They work fine, the only complaint is fly crap on the lens that I have to clean off in the summer.


Here’s how I did mine. I ran 120 volt power behind the fascia boards to weather proof duplex boxes. Then plugged the cams into the outlets. So far they are working very well.

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