Installing WYZE Cam outside - one approach


That’s what I wanted to know. Thank you.



How do you connect the cam to power supply?



I had room in the light fixture for these:socket Socky



Bought the bird house style from amazon for an outside installation. It’s -30c outside and the camera still works fine. Very impressed.

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I purchased the birdhouse style outside case in white. (should have bought black)
I found that the night vision led’s relected off of the roof of the enclosure and caused distracting ghosting.
I used some flat black spray paint , and the problem went away.

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There are some really creative setups here!

While I can’t speak to the Wyze specifically, I have had a number of “indoor” cams mounted outside for quite sometime. The longest time frame being about 8 years now. No issues whatsoever. Granted, all are mounted under eves and have protection from direct elements like rain/snow/sleet/ect. However, two are subjected to sunlight and all are out experiencing hot and cold along with summer humidity in CT and VT.

Just picked up my second Wyze cam pan and this one will be mounted outside to replace one of my Foscam 8910’s mentioned above. I already have one pan mounted inside a window. These cameras are awesome!



I just taped a sandwich baggie around the outside, leaving the front uncovered. Keeps the power connection protected also.

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Hay , dude good to see ya here -wood-stove

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Likewise! It’s a small world!

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My window mount.


[Beta]New Beta Firmware Released on 1/31

Yes it is

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I have one of these for inside, works great



First time posting here so go easy on me lol!
I used the cases available on Amazon, 3 pack for $25. I went a little overboard on sealing and protection… I’m one of those fix it till it’s broke kind of guys! Anyway I took apart old life proof phone cases and cut squares of the screen protector material to place in front of the camera and used silicone to seal that to the inside of the case, installed the cam, siliconed the two halves together and sealed the large vent hole shut… drilled a very small vent/drain hole in the lowest part of the case just to have a small moisture vent. Also siliconed the power cord where it goes through the back of the case.
I’m pretty sure it’s not going to get any water in it now!
So far so good… I’ll update as I test this new configuration.


Couple updates from my outdoor mount setup, The ir lights reflect off of either the edge of the case or the screen protectors I installed and create 4 annoying glare spots and basically blind the camera… after pulling my hair out for the better part of the evening mulling over my options I bit the bullet and became a beta tester! Never been happier! Turned of the ir lights and was able to turn on night vision and the results are spectacular!

Did the same with my pan cam that looks out my back window and I’m very happy with the results.

We got 4-5” of snow and the temps have been down to 2 degrees last night and so far absolutely no issues. These little cameras rock!



Here’s another pic of the cam in the case on the house. Tried to put more than one pic in first post but wasn’t allowed due to being new!



Hey, nice enclosure idea for the pancam! How is the view through the glass? Any distortion?



No distorstion, crystal clear. Of course the IR reflects but I keep them off as motion detection flood lights will activate on movement, so the video is lighted for better video then the IR videos.



Very nice! Thanks for the intel… have a pancam that I’m trying to mount outside and this looks to be the ideal setup for my situation as it will be completely out in the open and unprotected from the weather.



I have three outside. These work well for outside use, from Amazon.



But will they help the camera work in sub zero temps like we have up here in Canada?!



I don’t recall one thread where someone has said their camera quit because of the cold. There are plenty of threads about them working in subzero temps.