Installing WYZE Cam outside - one approach


Geez, I don’t get it… 2 of mine were consistent in getting “feeble” in the cold. I have no explanation.

Mark Brown


U Da Man!

If it ever gets down to -22 ° F here, without the wind chill factored in.

Me n my Wyse Cams are moving South!


I had to borrow the kids LEGOs for the advertising!




How about the heat, everyone is saying it works well in the very cold, but here in Kansas, it does get very hot and very very sunny, like in the upper 90’s for a few weeks, not terrible humidity though. Most electronics can take up to at least 140° of direct heat (different than the ambient temps recommended). It shouldn’t melt, as it will be in the morning sun. The evening sun gets my front door up to 160°.


160 °F yikes!

Next summer I’ll get a better idea.

Lucky me, mine’s mounted on the cool side of the inner door (summer low 90’s).


Carport Light Install


So far mine has survived a single day cold snap of -25F without issues. We’ll see if we actually get a long subzero period this year or if it keeps going above zero after a day or 2.

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I’ve been using hand sanitizer wipes containers (for backyard only where folks wont really see them). The cams fit very snug inside the containers - hold it upside down and cam stays put. So far so good in full rain. Desiccant pack placed inside each one. I would recommend cutting the containers with scissors instead of razorblade, though.


You might try putting the camera tight against the plastic, so there is no room for the night LED to reflect back into the lens. IMO, weather isn’t really a problem, vs vandalism. That plastic box will protect the camera from most abuse.

You could drill a hole for the IR, and it wouldn’t reflect.


Awesome, awesome awesome :clap: thanks. Some brown contact paper and you won’t notice it as much. Great job.

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I bought a dummy camera and gutted it…


I suspect you’re losing some of that 110 degree lens in there.

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NEAT !!! I think I like your idea better than mine (which I plan to post soon) your idea is much more simple than mine ! If the white plastic inside reflects the IR too much maybe painting the inside flat black might help.

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Mine are in lighted areas at night so no need but yes for sure, paint the inside black, at least around the rim and the hood.

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From all of this @Wyze R&D must recognize, people need help. Outdoor version in development I think…



Yes, it’s in development. Not really necessary at this point, but here’s where you can vote for it:


Well, everything I was gonna say has already been covered. Thanks for bringing me in, though! :slight_smile:


On the WYZE Cam Pan can be protected with a Glass enclosure. I used a Display Dome which is heavy glass and runs $ 24-45, but just went to Target and in aisle B36 they sell a Glass Canister with Wood Lid. It sells under the name Threshold. Drilled a hole in the base to exit the USB and the lid holds on with a rubber gasket.


Survived 2 months in AZ above 100 all the time. Top temp was 115…