Installing WYZE Cam outside - one approach

Another idea for outdoor installation.


That looks pretty ideal for the application. Where did you find the enclosure? Thanks.


I purchased the silicone sleeve mount sold on Amazon but after receiving and looking at the unit it did not seem like it would protect the camera lens enough for the outside location and looked easy enough to pull off the wall. However it turned out to be the ideal solution for an indoor installation. I mounted it in my daughter’s living room in a location where she felt it gave the best coverage. It gives her full rotation ability and it can be tilted down to give more floor coverage. She has cats.

I installed mine under the front porch awning last night with the silicone sleeve for a normal Cam, and I have to say the silicone sleeves are not very satisfactory. While it did the job it took longer then it should due to how generic the and “Floppy” the design is, it does not feel very secure.

I currently have it inverted to see if it would pick up the overhead light and kick it out of night mode, but as you can see it did not. is set I ordered.

Easy to build.

-12”x12”x3/4” piece of plywood

-Clear Silicone Caulk

-8” Supreme Tech Clear Acrylic Dome/Plastic Hemisphere (purchased on Amazon)

-Brass Screws

Cut a 7” hole in the 12”x12”x3/4” piece of wood

Cover the wood with outdoor paint or Clear Coat wood protector.

Line the flange rim of the acrylic dome cover with a bead of clear silicone caulk.

Center and place clear dome over the hole, then screw it down on the wood & let the caulk dry.

Mount camera in desired location & then cover it with the dome, screwing the wood base to whatever surface the camera is mounted on

(Remember to drill a hole for the power cord!!)

Apply caulking around the back edge of the wooden mount & the wall to prevent any moisture from seeping in from behind.

That’s it!

Mail]( for Windows 10


Kino -
Glass was not a problem, but night IR light glare was.

Now it is cold enough (tonight 7° F) for the , “Two glass doors” test ?

do you have a link to the power supply cable you bought? Is there a max length of run to maintain power?

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If you want to extend the power cable, I would recommend getting a standard AC extension cable as long as you need it to be. Then, plug in the AC adapter at the end of that. No worry about power drops because it’s AC.


I have the AC adapter inside the garage, then run 10 feet to 1st V2 and 15 feet to 2nd V2 under the eave. So far so good.
10 feet :
15 feet :

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Got a total of 4 Wyze cams outside now, to try them so far so good couple pictures below. Working right now currently in -4 F Minnesota winter! Very impressed so far with Wyze.


so i live in Vermont,
for now ive placed my camera under an eve to protect from the weather BUT

these cameras have temperature limitations the specs say they operate from 32 f to 104 f
so going to see how the cold effects the operation
really need an outdoor rated camera that can operate down to zero f

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I’ve had slightly different results. I’ve used the Frienda iSmart cases mounted up under my eaves as close to the wall as possible, they worked flawlessly until the outside air temperature dropped below (approximately) freezing for a few straight days, at which time performance dropped dramatically - intermittent communication, unreliable local recordings. As a result I’ve moved them all inside, looking through windows. I disassembled the cameras and covered the LEDs completely to get around them “blinding” the cameras from the reflections, and use separate outside LED spotlights for illumination. I still have minor/medium reflection issues due to visible light, but will be experimenting with polarizing filters.


These cameras are a lot more resilient than you’s think. Everyone is trying to figure out how to seal it up 100% from the elements but in my experience it’s not really necessary. I got one of the V1 cameras when they were first released back in 2017. I used it for a view out my front window and like others, I found that the night vision was useless against the glass or in my case, double pane glass. No worries, for $20 ti worked well during the day.

Fast forward to April-May of 2018, time to have a pole barn built. I wanted to use the time lapse feature to document the building process. I literally opened the window of my attic and duct taped my Wyze to the 2nd floor window sill on the side of the house. Completely exposed, no cover whatsoever. I figured for $20 it’s worth the gamble/test. My Wyze stayed there for no less than 6 weeks of spring rainy weather. Not a single issue. I now have two Wyzes, a V1 and V2, completely exposed and sitting on the front and back porch. They aren’t in direct rainy weather now but I’m sure they do get a little wet here and there. Both work fine. I also have two mounted under the eves in a plastic enclosure I bought on Amazon that are working well (

Now I’m not suggesting you let it sit out in the rain nor am I recommending that you leave it completely exposed to the weather. But in my experience I’ve not had any issues with them getting a little (or a lot) wet and certainly having the lens exposed so the night vision works properly is a huge plus.


Use Tesa Wire Loom Harness Tape ( ), recommended by moderator RickO, to double tape around the lens. Then no reflection from window. Automatic night mode also works even top light sensor is covered.


Awsome set up.

I’ve had two outdoors completely exposed to rain for a few months and they’ve survived with no special care. If one fails prematurely I’ll take the $20 lesson and find an enclosure.


Are these protected by an awning or anything? Could you post a picture?

Mine were in an enclosure under an eave, more or less protected from everything except cold.

Mark Brown

-4 whoa!
That’s MN weather !

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They survived -22 and then -15 the other night still going strong. No network drops streams perfectly in HD to all of the cams even when it was that cold. We are back up to mid 20 degrees F now.

My other cam in an un heated garage has been going since September that’s what gave me confidence to put some outside.