Installing WYZE Cam outside - one approach


I had to use a different 5V/2A power supply. If I used the Wzye 5V/1A supply, the 2nd camera won’t boot up. The wires are just too long.



In one case ( in the second pic) is located inside the light housing. I have an LED bulb in there and it doesn’t get too hot. Plus the light is only on for a minute.

In the flood light pictures I had to shove in in the junction box. I used the end of an extension plug from an old set of xmas lights to do the pigtail connection and then plugged the Wyze adapter into the xmas light extender. Probably not code, but I am not too worried since it is all low voltage



I agree, no worries with the low voltage.

that’s a lot to cram in there , did ya use a short USB power cord ?



Yes. I used a short usb cable. I think used to be a charger for a set of old bluetooth headphones.



Please post the amazon link for the uxell box shown on your post.



The box I originally purchased is listed as ‘unavailable’.

Here is a link to a very similar box. The main difference is the location of the mounting holes…on the sides rather than top and bottom.




Here is another approach I am going to trial out. These are a “box” for a"box" method. A signed baseball display case and wyzecam. Will need to drill hole for USB and seal wire to box and seal box to itself on corners. Will have to create your own mounting holes but I think this looks sweet af.





Looks like a good idea ?



How did this case work out?



I noticed that all of these weatherproof cases are intended for the camera to be right-side-up, however, since I have power outlets under my 2nd story roof for Christmas lights I thought this would be a good place to install a Wyze Cam v2 on each corner, but it would have to be upside down mounted.

UPDATE: See photo for location. Upside down mount preferred.

There isn’t really any way for rain to hit the camera but the humidity in Houston is very high. I am wondering if that could harm the camera or lead to corrosion eventually. I don’t think one of these $12-16 cases would prevent that either since the camera is not really sealed.

Hoping for Wyze to release an outdoor model. They are listening to their customers and know there is a lot of demand.

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You don’t have to Mount it upside down with one of these Is mounting Under roof , They are very adjustable, See the Third picture on the left





How is your application holding out?, The plastic enclosure above your daughters garage door any issues from the heat from the camera and/or weather? Thinking of ordering one from amazon also…



No problems with weather, rain or snow, no condensation. From that point of view (no pun intended) it has done it’s job.

As luck would have it a bunch of wasps have built a nest just above the box and occasional debris has to be wiped off. I’ll knock down the nest this fall after they disappear. Wasps are beneficial as long as you don’t mess with them.

I am thinking of replacing the original version one Wyze Cam with the Pan version this Fall. However that would involve buying the next larger size box since the Pan is 5" tall.

When I first installed the Cam I had it pointed straight ahead but later my daughter decided she wanted it pointed more towards her front door to see who was ringing her doorbell and making deliveries.

Some bad things about the box and location. First is her automated outdoor light that comes on with motion detection, it throws a glare on the box making it virtually useless for night vision. Second the neighbors across the street leave their outdoor lights on during the night which introduce a secondary glare.

I would have liked to install one of those Amazon ‘little house’ Cam housings but I fear it would be gone in an instant.






Kudos on this install. Looks like a cyclops… I have something similar planned for my mailbox housing!




I really appreciate the reply, the enclosure should arrive this coming Tuesday. I will place it to cover the main entrance area. I will have to review the Pan…it does look promising.



I agree with those points. I personally mounted mine just like you described and i am happy with the results



This is a silicone sleeve that completely covers the camera.

Not sure how effective it is but I am installing one now and, if it works, I will add another,



Thanks for the link. I ordered one this morning. Not sure if I will install outside but will instead install indoors. My daughter purchased the Cam Pan a few months ago and was looking for a mount in her living room that would allow her to scan around to her kitchen and hallway.

However if one lives in a less than secure area where ‘snatch and grab’ can occur this is still not an ideal solution unless you can mount it in a higher location where it can’t be reached.



So I have some info on the “night mode won’t work through glass” question. My daughter is a teacher at an outdoor classroom and to show the kids what critters live in their woods at night we took a old wooden box, drilled a 2" hole in the front and put a piece of plexiglass in it for a window. To minimize reflected IR light I mounted the wyze cam as tightly against the plexi as I could using the magnetic base and rubber bands to make sure it stayed tight against the glass . As you can see there is still a good bit of reflected light but we were able to achieve a 5’ to 8’ viewing zone with IR enabled. Not sure if using actual glass would improve on this or not, plexi was much easier to work with for this project.