Installing WYZE Cam outside - one approach

I have my unit outside with black outdoor housing during summer. No issue with heat at all in NYC area

All you need is Wyze bulb now

I know it has been sometime since this topic.
I mount my wyze cam pan, right up close to the outside of the Florida room. I think it was blessing my builder, put in a very wide eaves.
During a torrential down pour for several hours and camera’s were slightly damp. I have very dry skin, so, in feeling for moisture. So, under the eaves will do just fine. I will post of any change.
What is really nice is, unless they carry their ladder with themselves, then they will have to be about 7’ 4”, to use the midnight requisition.
My cameras have gone through every downfall, this calendar year.
Thank you for your time,


This is a good pic of the wire going into the soffit. I’ve checked YouTube and Googled and it hard finding anything on where people are running power once the USB goes under the eave. Where are you running once you run into the attic there?


It’s drilled through the header over the garage door and straight into the garage near the ceiling. I ran all the wires on the ceiling over the garage door and put a power strip on the door opener bracket, plugged into the spare outlet that the garage door opener is on.


Hello Ron Schmidt
Very nicely done. Here is an idea that could make your arrangement even more elegant.
Instead of placing the two-prong plug into the rectangular hole you cut into the lamp base, place the WYZE adaptor. The power supply wires could be soldered to the WYZE prongs and insulated with shrink tubing or wrapped with electrical tape.
I have a couple of motion detection lights that I plan to modify.
Thank you.
Victor Maletic

Actually night vision does work through glass. Wyze did an update that allows you to use night vision without the infrared lights turning on. It’s less effective but i use it all the time through kitchen window. Another solution is to add a battery powered spotlight near the camera area that turns on when motion is detected and this way the camera picks up a clear picture. I recommend the mr. beams 400 lumens battery version. They stay on for 20 seconds which gives the wyze cam enough to record.

Have you had any moisture issues? I see you don’t have a protective cover on it.

Sorry for the delay. My daughter has changed her settings since she now uses a ‘dusk to dawn’ light fixture at her front door. It uses an 60 watt equivalent LED bulb so it’s not super bright but good enough for her usage, it could always be increased to a 100 watt. She wanted the cam turned slightly (inside the enclosure) toward her front door which introduces a glare from the light fixture. Attached is a screen capture from her Wyze cam.

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Hi Jaz. No, I don’t have any moisture issues. My camera is about 6 inches under the eaves and I believe that’s good enough.

Great setup

Great thread!

I just poked a hole under sophet into my garage and ran the stock USB cable to an outlet. It has been working great all summer.

Hello Crisp

Looking at your daughter’s camera setup, you may be able to mitigate the glare at the left edge of the field of view by using a blinder.

A simple one consists of a piece of coffee stir stick taped to the side of the camera so that it occludes the glare. This probably won’t work in your situation because of limited space inside of the camera enclosure.

In your case try and position a small piece of black tape on the outside face of the enclosure, positioned to block the glare. Use a small stir stick and move it around on the enclosure face until the light is blocked. Then place the tape where the stick was.

Below are some pictures that show a blinder attached to a camera and the camera view with the blinder. The stick should be colored black.

Victor Maletic

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Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll give it a try next time I visit my daughter.

Have you considered or tried Clear Packing Tape? It might look a bit better and allow you a better view of the outside as well. Just a thought.

Good idea. But it’s only supposed to be temporary (he says a year later). :slight_smile:

3M Command strips would probably work too.

Yes, that’s what I said I planned to use in my earlier post.

That’s what happens when you follow threads. I only saw your latest post, read the others way back. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I am pretty sure you could hang an Abrams Main Battle Tank with one, at the most two of those 3M strips :grin::grin::grin: