Installing Video Doorbell

I am ready to install the doorbell, but one thing that can’t figure out. I need to use the wedge, and notice that you are supposed to mount that to the wall first, then install the doorbell onto that. Problem is that once you install doorbell onto wedge, the doorbell clicks in place and lock with a tiny tab on back. How are you supposed to get doorbell off if you need to take it off for any reason, seeing that it is locked in place on the mount and you can’t access the screws behind it ?

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It’s an antitheft feature. You’re not supposed to take it off. But there are some posts/videos around showing that you can open it with a flat knife.

Not true, it easily comes off by pulling up on the doorbell


As @Ken.S states removal is fairly easy, you push inward and up on the doorbell and it will come off