Inner Headphone Plastic Broken On Both Sides

I have had my Wyze Heaphones for approximately three months an have been generally pleased other than with the bluetooth connection dropping out which seems to be caused by the headphones losing power and then powering back on on a semi-regular pattern. However, last week I realized the left headphone was very wonky loose and the band wasn’t maintaining any friction on the sliding mechanism. I realized the inner plastic over the slider section was completely missing, found it laying on the floor. Examined the right side inner plastic and it was cracking and small pieces of plastic were also missing. The build quality of the rest of the headphones seems solid but the inner headphone plastic was brittle and totally inadequate to handle the simple sliding movement up and down with normal use. I am 53 yr guy who has only been using my headphones with my PC, no one else uses them and they don’t leave my desk. I am not using them as head protection for any of my UFC fights and I don’t wear them during occasional bull riding sessions. They sit on my head or they sit on my desk. Anyone else run in to their phone breaking apart like this without any abuse or misuse whatsoever. I have submitted a ticket to return/replace under warranty along with a couple of pictures of the broken and cracking plastic.