Initial RTSP testing feedback


Just started testing RTSP on my Wyze Cam Pan. So far it’s going great. No problems with flashing the firmware or setting up the RTSP.

Easily integrated into Synology Surveillance Station, Home Assistant, and Alexa. Also works great in SmartThings (using Generic IP Camera SmartApp). Only thing I am having trouble with is Actiontiles because it won’t do RTSP camera (only MJPEG).

WITH the RTSP integration, I am thrilled with my Wyze Cam purchase. In fact, I just bought a few more! Without the RTSP integration, they are still great cameras, but not of too much use for me as the cloud doesn’t easily integrate into all these things without using a work-around (Tinycam Pro tying up my tablet).

Just thought I would offer my initial impressions so far with my beta testing. I haven’t tested too many features yet, but so far so good!

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Thanks for the positive report re integration with Synology Surveillance Station. I look forward to connecting my Wyzecams to my DS218 as soon as the RTSP support is available.

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I too have just integrated with Synology Surveillance Station (first time using it), and so far so good. Just figuring the settings etc, but so far, so good. As others have reported, sometimes the feed is a little glitchy/jumpy, with some random, blank, grey frames in some recordings. Not sure if this is an RTSP or Surveillance Station thing? I suspect it might the latter, or my congested network??

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I have a little bit of random events, but it happens not just with Surveillance Station. I see it in Home Assistant and am seeing it elsewhere (Actiontiles, etc) – BUT it is not just with the Wyze cams. I have other camera brands as well and they are doing the same thing (caching, failing to load without a screen refresh, etc). It could be my network, or any number of things, but since it happens with more than just the Wyze cams, I am not ready to attribute the cause to them until I track it down.