Initial feedback for Home Monitoring

Hello all.

Just received my home monitoring kit this week…working through initial setup to replace my Ring home alarm.

So far, I’ve just setup one keypad (I have 2), the base unit, and one door sensor. I want to be sure that I like it before removing all Ring sensors.

First impression…not bad…I like the compactness. Setup has been pretty easy thus far - no main issues.

A few things that I’ve noticed for improvement. I checked the boards, but didn’t spend a ton of time looking through, so forgive me if already addressed. If I Arm the alarm via the keypad, I get audible feedback …“Armed Home” etc.; however…if I Arm via the app…I only hear this feedback through the base hub. In my use case, I have an upstairs where I sleep. I want to hear the keypad provide audio feedback that the system is armed no matter how it is set. My base hub is downstairs…can’t hear it. Also…can the keypad serve as the alarm chime as well…so I can hear all over house? I want to know when a sensor state changes (for some sensors - internal door opened, etc - need ability to allow chime or not) and I want to hear the alarm if tripped through keypad.

This gets me to my next point. How can I arm the system via Alexa? One of my favorite features of my Ring alarm is to say, “Alexa, arm the fortress.” (This is what I named my house). In fact…I have a routine that allows me to say “Alexa, Goodnight”…and it turns off my bedroom lights, arms the fortress, and tells me goodnight. My Ring alarm keypad (located upstairs) gives me the audible notification that it is armed. Can we do this with Wyze / Alexa yet?

Any way to force the Alarm notification/sound on Android? - I want to be disturbed if the alarm is tripped - even if volume is set to vibrate.

That’s it for now. I think if I can solve for these…it’s a rip and replace.


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I’d like to know the answer to that as well. It doesn’t seem like it’s supported quite yet.

Overall, the service and devices was super easy to install (I had a rogue senor that always shows closed but that’s something I hope I can figure out).

Unfortunately, there are two major deal-breakers that are making me consider re-installing my old service. Hopefully, the Wyze team is working on these improvements and can give me signs of hope to hang in there.

  1. You cannot share HMS with another user. You can share all the devices you want with them but you don’t have the ability to add a second user who can then arm/disarm from the Wyze app. I might just have my second user log in as me in the meantime.

  2. There’s not an easy way, without the app, to know the current state of the alarm system. It would be nice if the keypad told you if the system is armed (home or away). There seems to be a sensor on the left side of the keypad that is somehow triggered that shows current state but not in an easy, repeatable manner. It’s really easy to assume the alarm is off.

I’d also love a rule that allows me to automatically arm my cameras when I set the alarm to away. :slight_smile:

Wyze team, would love an update. Thanks!


Any responses that you can help get @WyzeGwendolyn ? The need for a chime is really a basic need…audible alert when a sensor state is changed/opened. Is there an upcoming update that might address some of our requests?

One other need…is the App UI. I have so many connected Wyze devices that the UI is getting really messy. In fact, adding all of these new sensors makes my UI insane. Could we get a simple collapsable menu…maybe allow the collapse of all Home Monitoring, another for cam, one for plugs…etc?

Thanks as always!

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Does anyone know if Home Monitoring will work internationally?

I’m in Costa Rica and would love to get it for my home. I already have a lot of other wyze products. In general, the app has the option to create a Home: “create a home for your devices to unlock new features” such as location-triggered rules. When I try , though, it says “only US address will be verified” and any other address prompts the warning message “please enter a valid location.”

Unfortunately, I assume that the Home Monitoring will have the same limitation, but I hope someone knows for sure.

@WyzeGwendolyn any chance you could provide some feedback?


Hello Cameron, I´m in CR too… did you receive any feedback… I´m interested to get the home monitoring

Unfortunately, nobody has been able to give me any feedback on this. Maybe your message will bump this thread and someone will be able to reply this time.

Have you checked with Noonlight? Do they provide service in CR? If not, then it won’t work for you.