Indoor AQI not graphing

Yet, on mine it will show a dot even at zero, if I reboot the machine and the AQI was zero. But it doesn’t show any dots when as I said before, it was an AQI of 30. So no, it’s not working as their product picture shows. I’m really tempted to plug it in outside and see if it will graph anything.

Are they also going to fix the opening page AQI number on the app? You’d think it would either show the current AQI after opening the app or show a real time AQI that changes, as it does one the purifiers display. For me it seems to update randomly and right now it shows the AQI data was updated 1 hour 13 min ago, then sometimes it will say it was updated an hour ago with no or different minutes.

I thought yours was already determined to be abnormally malfunctioning from how it is intended to work though…isn’t that why they are sending you a warranty replacement because it’s not working the same as everyone else’s?

Yes, they are sending me a warranty replacement because troubleshooting didn’t change anything for the graph and the fan is a bit noisy too. So yeah I guess I’m hoping my purifier is a lemon and the replacement will show more dots on the graph and have a quieter fan. But it worries me when I read posts about many others with similar issues on their units. Could be they just had a huge batch of bad units. Just hope I don’t have to go through this again.

Yeah, I hope you have a better experience with the new one, and especially once that new firmware update comes out. That will be a welcome update for all of us. :slight_smile:

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I’d be happy keeping my air purifier is Wyze found the issue, like a sensor was logged loose or something. I’m mechanically inclined so I’d have to problem following their instructions on how to fix it.

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We received our first unit and am very happy with the design and the performance so far.

I similarly show only one or two dots per day. Today I have one and likely when the AQI was in the 20’s, when lots of windows were opened. A little surprised this issue was raised in April and here we are 6 months later still talking about it.

I’m wondering if those near zero values are not graphing as the graph is set to 0 instead of something like minus 1 (or lower). This is a common issue in tools like Excel and you see no data on a chart. Might be super simple to address this in the tool by setting this minimum value on the scale.

I also think there would be some value for trending the data. Let’s see the week, the month, month over month, seasons, this year vs last year. Seems such a simple thing to store and present.

For people with multiple units, to be able to overlay the data, to see those differences between units. Seems like low hanging fruit.

Already considering purchasing more units.

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I do not know of the exact initial design, I was just told it was not designed to graph points every hour. They are changing it so it will plot points every hour no matter how low the number may be. I know it is slated to happen in the 2.36 app version.


That’s some great feedback! I’'d also love to see all of those thing for trends and overlays. Maybe also if we put multiple units in a group (I have 3 units so far), also show us an average AQI between all of them to show us the average AQI of the home, etc. There are definitely some really cool things they could do with these.

I will look forward to the 2.36 app update! :slight_smile:

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If they told you it was not designed to graph points every hour, then why do they have an advertising picture showing points graphed every hour? And Wyze showed this picture with the product information when they did pre orders. So someone at Wyze lied.

So hopefully I’m getting my warranty replacement unit this Friday, because last night my purifier really went crazy. It was showing an AQI as high as 56, then it would go done to 50 then back up again, with no dots on the graph. And yet today it was no higher than 10 and still no dots on the graph.

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This I do not know.

Min went nuts for a few days because air quality was terrible here, it was getting up into the 90’s but that was the day I almost had dots the whole day, mine has seemed to give me dots when it reads above 50. I do hope you get your replacement Friday, I know it has been a long time.

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UPS says I have a package arriving today but they say it’s from Amazon. When I checked the tracking for my warranty replacement it says the same thing. Could Wyze have sent it from Amazon? Last I checked Amazon says they are out of stock. But at least the product pictures on Amazon don’t show the App graph (with hourly dots).

Amazon does do some of our deliveries now so it is entirely possible it is the purifier being delivered by Amazon.

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My warranty replacement air purifier finally arrived today! It was shipped in a thick box that said what it was, which again gets porch pirates attention. Shippers need to take note to this. There was no product box inside the shipping box.

So this new one’s fan is much better, don’t hear a metal bearing sound like the first one has.

UPDATE: Okay, so no change with the graph dots, only one so far because it was turned on. And the AQI inside the circle on the app still updates at weird times. For instance right now it’s showing and AQI of 18, with the last update being 1 hour and 17 minutes ago, sometimes it’s one hour and before that it said 1 hour and 3 minutes ago. But apparently this is all normal? You’d think the AQI number would update upon opening the app. Because would anyone care what the AQI was an hour or so ago via the app? Does anyone know when the AQI number on the app in it’s current firmware is supposed to update?

So last night I did get 4 dots on the graph, 6pm from the boot up, then 8pm above 50AQI, 9pm at 50AQI and 10pm below 50AQI. Now today so far there is only one dot close to zero at 1am. So this replacement unit is working better. But there doesn’t seem to be a reason for when it shows a dot.

The wording above the graph is misleading saying “Past 24 hours”, when that’s not really true because it’s a 24 hour period from 12am to 12am. It’s not necessarily the past when you open the app.

It’s 5:25pm and my graph is showing one dot 11am on the zero line. And again this graph is not of the past 24 hours (like it says) or it would show back to yesterday evening, which it doesn’t and only goes back to midnight.

‘Past 24 hours’ is misleading. It should be ‘Since 12AM’.

When viewing the graph at let’s say 3PM, the ‘Past 24 hours’ should start at 3PM the previous day. Hopefully this confusion is corrected with the next update.

My AQI graph has more points since I rebooted (disconnected) the device.


I also have an issue now where on the app it’s showing the AQI in my house was 12, around 15 minutes ago. Yet, on the machine the display never went higher than 5 AQI. This happened to me the other night too. Do I have another defective purifier or is the app messed up?

So right now looking at the graph I only have two dots, both below the 50AQI line, at around 3pm and 4pm. Seems to be no reason when the dots are put on the graph, and just seems to be a random event. So then how it this useful to me? I really wish Wyze would stop releasing software without testing it first.

So for the last 3 days there have been no dots on the graph. Please Wzye, stop making new products that work as advertised. Better yet, stop making new products and fix the issues with the current products.