Indoor AQI not graphing

Just thought I’d give an update on my 3:

I did get 3 dots today on one of my air purifiers using the new firmware (1.0.6)

Another one had 0 dots, and the 3rd one was offline (I tried unplugging it and plugging it back in, but it was still offline…this is the first connectivity issue I have experienced with any of them, but it is still running manually really well). All 3 are running the beta firmware 1.0.6

So nothing has been fixed yet then. Wyze has had well over a month to fix it and nothing. But again, how did they not experience this issue during their testing prior to shipping? Personally I think they knew about it and shipped the purifiers out anyway.

From the last Fix it Friday update.

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I can see the rationale for not needing a dot when it detects the air quality is good. I am glad Wyze is still going to start adding them in now anyway. I do like to see a confirmation either way. This will be a great update thanks to the Fix-It Friday event.

Update: After 22 days of no data points, I decided to reset my Air Purifier and re-add via the app. It worked. It’s been data point logging and graphing for the past 7 hours. Will keep an eye on it.

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The problem with this is that Wzye’s advertising picture of the graph shows dots every hour, even with a very low AQI. So either Wyze is falsely advertising the product or that update info just isn’t true.

That’s interesting because I just checked the app and today I have 3 dots on the graph 9am, 11am and 12pm. And they’re all on the bottom line so the AQI is probably Zero or 1. But again, Wyze’s own advertising picture of the graph shows dots every hour, no matter what the AQI is. And I believe that was how the software was supposed to work only Wyze screwed it up and it doesn’t work.