Indoor AQI not graphing

I do have a question and was wondering. Does Wyze ever plan on showing more than 24 hours? The data is obviously there and I would like to see trends of time (days, weeks) The past 24 hours while nice to have is not of much value in the long run.

I also hope they update the firmware. For some reason AQ went up to 80 last night. No idea why as nothing in the house changed and it has been no higher than 15 since I got it a few weeks ago. The fan never went above “2” to help clear whatever it was detecting. Manually set it to 4 this morning and it got down to the low 20’s in about an hour. I would expect the purifier to handle this on its own.

Other than the issue of not being able to get filter replacements yet, I like the device.

The fan speed is partially based on the AQI level. an AQI of 80 is generally still considered acceptable air quality, so it is not going to go into max or turbo mode at such a low level but it will still run the air purifier to clear the air.

It could be worth submitting a wishlist to be able to customize what fan speed runs at what AQI level so we can decide for ourselves how fast it tries to the clear the air. I know we can just manually change speeds, but often we don’t know when to do so. If I want it to run at level 4 any time it gets above 70, I don’t currently get a notification when it goes above that threshold to know to turn it to a higher speed. It would be nice to be able to set a rule or update the auto setting to just do that automatically to suit my preference. Auto works okay, and I have it on auto almost all day long, but I wish we could customize the auto thresholds. Currently I believe it just decides for us based on a preset AQI level per speed.

That makes sense. I will put in a feature request. Seems a humidifier in the room sends it in to turbo mode. My partner brought the cool mist unit in the room and the unit is showing a 154! That number puts it in turbo
Mode for sure!

Just odd that after 2 weeks, I think of it hovering around 10 max suddenly it is much higher and nothing I can point to has changed. Not including the humidifier today.

Will see how it goes!

Yes, Humidifiers put a lot of water particles into the air and the particle laser can’t tell the difference between different types of particles, just how prevalent particles are. It is pretty funny though. I had it spazzing out at 500 AQI one time because of the humidifier in my baby’s room. :rofl: I just paused the Air Purifier for a while because the baby/toddler really needed the humidifier at the time. Still kind of funny. I partially wonder if humidifiers help to somewhat clean the filter :slight_smile:

WOW!!! Not being a smart Alec, but your suggestions are honestly really really good ideas. Thanks for coming up with those to help all the rest of us out.

Definitely something wrong with the app because mine is still showing 29 AQI for days now, yet the graph now has no dots for the last 24 hours, and only had two dots once. The unit’s display fluctuates from 001 to 010 and since the graph’s left vertical scale goes from Zero to 500, there should be lots of dots.

Just more Wzye software screwups, big surprise. Please Wyze hire people that know what they are doing!

So I unplugged the unit for 30 seconds and plugged it back in. The app then showed an AQI of 2 and a dot appeared on the graph. This confirmed what I thought, that I only get dots after removing power and then turning it back on. And, that dots will graph all the way down to almost zero. Had my AQI been zero then I believe a dot would have been at zero too. Now I just have to wait it out and see if the data actually updates on the app, because as of right now it’s still not updating at 45 minutes. And according to the product information page by Wyze they show a picture of the app graph where the dots had updated every hour. I’m good with once every hour for the graph but the AQI on the app should update instantly, otherwise the information is old and useless.

UPDATE: At the one hour mark the app did not update the AQI or graph. This looks like a software issue to me. I’m so getting tired of software issues with Wyze!

The AQI and graph on the app are still not updating. I emailed customer service and they were useless.

Any updates? It’s been almost two weeks…

It’s been two days now and the AQI number on the app has not changed and no dots on the graph. Unlike dots shown every hour on this Wzye promotional picture. So either Wyze is falsely advertising this product or the software doesn’t work (big surprise).

If your AQI is not changing AT ALL, and you aren’t getting ANY AQI dots on your graph, despite the Air Purifier definitely being on or on auto, I would contact Support because that is not normal. All of mine (I have multiple) have the AQI change and all of them get dots. Maybe Support can figure out why yours is acting differently or worst case scenario do a warranty replacement or something if none of the troubleshooting works.

I’ve been working with Wyze support but they are about worthless. So at midnight the AQI changed on the app to 002 and I got two dots on the graph, one was at midnight and looked to be 002 AQI. The other was at 1am and was around 001 AQI on the graph. It really sucks if I have to get yet another warranty replacement on a Wyze software based product because it didn’t work as advertised. I previously had a Wzye Floodlight issue and none of my V2 cams work right. This really says something about the company!

Agreed. Support is useless.

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Is anyone getting the app to correctly update the data from the purifier? Is anyone getting consistent dots on the graph?

Naw, still no dots for me. Submitted a new log, 589115 and responded to support. The AQI on front does seem to change, but normally is pretty low.