Individual Camera, Sense, etc. Alert Notification Sound and/or Color

I’d suggest getting a contact sensor for the garage door and have that integrated into an alert system whereby sensor AND camera detection would notify you but not just camera.
Maybe a Zigbee or Zwave hub like a Hubitat Elevation would be able to provide you with a more configurable and reliable alert system. Hubitat hub

I’m sad this hasn’t gotten much attention or traction. I was talking with another officer the other night at work about someone trying to break into my house this last fall. while I and my son were home no less. ( all went ok)

I had a thought that if you could set individual tones for each camera it could save to wasted time not checking notification you know might be a pet, or a family member or something like that, in my case I would have it say the name of the camera ( which is the room or area its observing) then without having to open your phone and check the individual notifications you would know right where there has been movement. something that could be quite handy in some sad circumstances such as mine.

if I was sitting watching tv and all of a sudden I heard, “alert, garage” I would know more of what to expect.



I’m disappointed in the responses as this is a valid issue for using these cameras for security purposes in and around the house. Specific and identifiable alarm sounds to be set per camera would be one more “+” for these fabulous cameras!!


You Wyze Guys are so much fun to watch. We anticipate great things. HOWEVER, why is it hard to associate different notification sounds for each camera? I’m not a programmer so I’m showing ignorance. BUT, it seems like a crucial addition to me. I’m a caregiver. When a specific sound goes off, I know my charge has moved around. But is he in his room, down the hall at the top of the stairs, or about to exit the entry hall? You see the point. I have three of your beautiful products but all three must use the same sound. Any help here, other than “That’s a great suggestion.”

I have 2 cameras, 2 door sensors and a motion detector and as of now you can only have 1 notification sound which is very confusing and annoying. I would love to see you have the option to be able to use different notification sounds for different devices.

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for people using android a workaround was found.

check this out. I did a nice little write up on it


Would like to set each camera to have different notification

Are you using Android?

Yes I’m using android. I have 2 pan cams 2 door/window sensors and a motion detector. I would love to have all 5 of these devices to have different notification sounds.

I posted the work around right above your first post :slight_smile:

click on that link and all you seek shall be found lol.

always make sure to use the search bar at the top right as well. more than likely you will find multiple answers/ solutions to most questions.

if you have any issues with the workaround, get at me.


Thanks my man I’ll probably have to take you up on your offer to ask you a couple questions on things I get snagged on. Your good people for helping us all out, thank you


Would like to see if this is possible, we have 26 cameras between work and home, and when at home I’d like to be able to quickly see if a notification is from the office when there shouldn’t be any notifications of motion there after hours.

Would be nice to have unique phone alerts for a specific camera, door sensor etc.

if you are using android, you can. it is a work around but I have a few links in this post for how to do it with an android phone.


Not sure if this was mentioned, I could not find this on the wish list.
But one feature that I would love to see is a simple unique notification
sound if a person is detected. This is such a important notification that
it should be audible even if our iPad/iPhone do not disturb tab is on (since that silences
night time bothering phone calls), or the sound is turned down, or the phone /iPad
is locked (on standby), This is important because a person intruding is important
and everyone wants to be disturbed for 24 hours a day for this important reason.
Also the sound should be unique and not the same as what most people
use for a phone call or messages, etc… Basically RING has this feature, their
notification for a motion bust through all other settings on the iPhone/iPad.
If an owner does really not want a notification, then they can turn it off on the app
itself, but if it is turned on, it needs to bust through all other settings…the normal
notification settings and sounds need to be turned off at night when sleeping… but
we do not want wyze to ever be off and a unique sound would also help since
during the day, messages, phone calls are often ignored during work/meetings…

please reply

This is a high priority for me. I don’t see the point in having door sensors and motion sensors if I can’t set custom notifications for them. Everything comes through w/ the same generic alert as my phone. Motion sensors and things like door contacts should be different so you know when something has happened that requires your attention. Why create things like door sensors and motion sensors if you’re not going to make them useful?

I totally agree with you.

hey @jhereg and @nelix1970

with both of you using android you actually can set up a work around for custom notifications.
it will work until Wyze puts something out in the app itself.

sadly this is only available to android currently.

better than nothing for now.

I looked at that. IMO it was too much of a PITA when dealing with multiple sensors. I’m testing the Alexa options to see if that’s any better. it’s pretty straightforward, but I have no clue if it’s going to be reliable. I’m more concerned w/ sensor notifications. I’ve got pets and camera motion detection is unreliable unless it’s using person detection. The motion sensors and door sensors are what seem to work for me. I use the cameras to check on alert instead of alerting me.

I’ve bought into the Wyze stuff pretty heavily. I’ve got a couple dozen of their bulbs, door sensors, motion sensors and about a dozen cameras. I like their stuff, but it seems they head off to something new w/o doing something basic like adding features to their app which would work with everything. If you get into the security arena w/ door and motion sensors you need to give people ways to know when they’ve been activated. Notification needs to be flexible.

The Alexa integration is worthless. I set it up to notify me on my phone if my front or back door opens or closes. It doesn’t work all the time and I know one time it took over 5 min to get the notification, and when I finally got it I got door closed before door open.