Indicate viewed/unviewed status of clips in event list


I’d like to see an indication of which clips I have not watched .
The indicator will go away once you have watched the clip


Bold versus not bold (or background color highlight or something similar) is a good idea. I was thinking about that the other day myself.


good idea. I put my vote in. :slight_smile:

our team is constantly looking at the all the feature requests, as well as the votes.

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When I get alerts it would be nice to see which ones I haven’t already watched. Or mark them as important.

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Please indicate which events have been viewed.


I would like to know which events I have already viewed or have yet to view. With hundreds of events to review each day, I can’t complete the task in one sitting.

unlisted #7
listed #8

Don’t forget to go up to the top left and vote For it

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Cool :sunglasses:
In-development now :+1::grinning:

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