Include Canada for Wyze sales, deals and promotions

I just want to start by saying its awesome and very much appreciated that the Wyze store is now available in Canada.

However, once again, I feel like we are being left out as the Black Friday approaches and there doesnt seem to be mention of it on the Canadian counterpart. As with majority of stores/shops Canada is a unfortunately secondary market.

So as a part of the wishlist topic, I wish we were once treated equally :wink: maybe next year.

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It must be an American thing,and not a Canadian, since in the United States we have Thanksgiving and in Canada no such holiday

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Happy to see the Wyze Canada site finally launch.

Unfortunately, the prices are a disappointment and the Black Friday deals are a joke. Compared to the Black Friday deals on the US site, the Canadian “deals” are insulting.

Wyze Promotions

I love all the different Wyze products I have purchased over the last few years and as a Canadian it is great to finally be able to order products from home. However, I would like to know why we don’t we get all the great sale and promotion prices that are offered to the US? When I see the great deals offered to US residents I can’t bring myself to pay the Canadian price.

Sorry we do have Thanksgiving just earlier than in the US. We also have Mothers Day which the US had a great sale and we got zip