Incentive to help Artificial Intelligence / ai

For those of us that don’t have camPlus, there’s no incentive to help the ai algorithms by telling Wyze which videos contain people, vehicles, etc. If you want the ai to detect specific things, you have to pay for camPlus. Those paying have the incentive of wanting the ai to work better.

To fix this, I suggest allowing 1 free day of camPlus for every 50 videos labelled.

Also there needs to be more options in the labels such as shadows, vegetation in the wind, bicyclists, etc

I do like this idea, but you maybe also run the risk of people just pressing button to get the cam plus for free then as well. it’ s a mix bag but I like the idea on it’s face.

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What if the reward was only this: free use of the a.i. algorithm for person/package/vehicle detection? The other features can remain in the paid version.

The numbers have to be adjusted too. 50 videos for 1 day is a lot when camPlus is only $15/year. Maybe 10 videos for 1 day?

Here is a non Politically Correct solution to that… Ban them if they are caught sending fake results. It would be a simple matter programmatically to pinpoint most of the people doing this, have a human spend 5 minutes a day reviewing any proposed bans, and approve, or disapprove the ban. Then have a computer generated message that posts the number of people banned each day.

I would use five submissions a day. I suspect that is the right number to get folks interested. Limit the freeness to the top 100 people…