Improved sleep tracking

I agree that the sleep tracking display has room for improvement. It is very difficult to see on the 1/2" wide Wyze band display. And the Wyze app only shows a bar graph of light and deep sleep. The Wyze app should show the same sleep information as the band itself, being able to “drill down” and show daily sleep patterns on a larger (smartphone) screen. Attached is a screen shot from my Garmin Vivofit 4, actually from the website because I was unable to get a screen shot from the Garmin app, although both look the same.

I had a nice workaround, but they screwed up the app and it no longer shares sleep data to Google fit as of the latest app update. And of course they don’t want to make any effort to fix it.

I compared it with Fitbit (wearing wyZe on one hand and Fitbit Ionic on the other ) . It was close enough , where wyZe fails is it’s unable to track the time I was awake. HR, Steps are very close enough and in steps I feel it actually beats Fitbit so bravo !!