Improve information displayed when setting up or returning to a time lapse


It would be great if the timelapse setup page told you the final duration of the timelapse based on the interval. Most of the time I want for example, a 15 sec 30 fps timelapse, and have to calculate the interval by hand.

Time lapse formula

I love this idea. It should be pretty easy to implement since it’s just simple math. But it would save a bunch of conversion and number crunching by hand when trying to target a final video duration.

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It would also be nice to see exactly what is scheduled instead of just the start time of a scheduled event. Would that be a different #roadmap or can that be an addendum?


Not sure I understand. I see both start and end times when setting up a time lapse and I see the end time when it’s running.


If you set up a scheduled time-lapse and then go back to the time-lapse screen, it only shows the start time and not the end time or interval. IOW, you can’t verify how it is scheduled. You can cancel it and reschedule if you are unsure.


Ah, I see. For a running one you see only the end time. For a scheduled one you see only the start time. Would be best if all four parameters (start, end, interval, final duration) were displayed always.

This can be part of this topic. I’ll adjust the title to make it work.

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Yeah, I ran into this when I did the Eclipse time-lapse. I couldn’t remember if I set it to an interval of 12 or 24 (a 30 sec video or a 60 sec video) and when I went to check it was not helpful. It didn’t kill me to redo it, but we’re just asking to display info here.

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Since the interval and final duration are dependent on one another, another idea could be to choose the output video duration and have the interval calculated and displayed.

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I like it! Choose one and the other is calculated.


True, but that would require rebuilding the screen where simply displaying the duration gets you the same thing. For some, the duration may not be that important, where interval is. Depends on why you’re doing the time lapse to begin with. Length of the video is also dependent on start and stop times too.

IOW, displaying info is mostly cosmetic and may get implemented easily.

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When the the user configurating the time lapse (i.e., start time, end time, interval), please display an estimated file size.

The information is helpful to avoid an excessively large file that is difficult to download (which is a separate issue).