Improve audio quality

I have to agree with the audio problems. I have tried to move cameras farther away from walls, ceilings, and hard objects thinking it was picking up an echo. This didn’t help. I also tried to use a modified microphone wind screen thinking the microphone was too sensitive and the audio was clipping. That also did not make any improvements. I monitor 7 cameras, purchased at different times over the last few years, five at my home, and two 12 miles away. The network does seem to make a difference, nor does the time of purchase. I love the Wyze products. I also have the bulb, motion sensors, door sensors, and the Wyze Band. The products are an incredible value! However, sound on the cams are becoming increasingly frustrating, seriously impacting the perceived value. I hope Wyze will “listen” and resolve this issue that has clearly plagued the cams for several years.

+1! Happy to pay more if Cam with a better microphone comes out.

I just want to be able to adjust both the speaker volume and mic on the Pan Cam. When I talk to someone on the camera with my phone it is too loud for them, and I cannot hear them.

Greetings, I have several V2 cams in various location at my home for the 1-1/2 years. Overall the Cams perform fairly well. Having said that the audio playback has so much static I can barely hear audio from the recorded event. I have tried the Factory Reset on two occasions and did not improve this situation and has become annoying. Any recommendations on how to resolve this issue? Please advise Also does anyone have the specs for the current microphone in the V2 cam? Thank you for your time. Thanks, Rich

Would like to see better microphone Hardware possibly a jack for we could plug in our room microphone