Improve audio quality



I have both the V1 and V2 cams. Both camera versions have very poor audio playback. I have two Samsung cameras, which have superior audio quality playback. The playback detection between my Wyze cam and the Samsung cam is night and day. Both do well in sound detection but the playback of the Wyze cam is horrible. I would like to suggest improvements to the microphone or software.


Sorry to hear about this trouble! I’ll definitely share your feedback with the team. Could you please message me with an example video so that I can describe it to the team?


Same here. A conversation spoken 5 feet away from the camera is impossible to understand. Had it with both v1 and my v2. All other sounds are very muffled.


Have there been any results for this? The pan cam is my first and the 2 way audio is awful. The person on the phone can hear fine but the person at the camera can’t understand anything.


I agree with this one. Not just the microphone, but the speaker as well. It’s next to impossible to carry on a conversation through the camera. when I’m talking with someone at my front door, I have to repeat myself a lot to get the message across.
Love Wyze Cams… thanx for all you do!!!


It would be good if we could get a volume control to adjust the mic and speaker volume. I have my camera in a hallway that’s hollow and would love to turn down the volume on the mic.


I agree


I agree with the audio quality comment. My view is that this is an audio encoding codec or bitrate. Single channel, high quality audio can be had for 64Kbps with AAC. I’ve done the bitrate analysis for this camera on another post and providing it can be implemented in software should be done. As long as it is not a hardware encoder limitation, I believe it’s low hanging fruit.


I agree, the audio from Wyze is really sup-par with my other Samsung and Flir cameras. They pick up conversations from other rooms while Wyze maybe catches bits and pieces from the room it’s in.