Important message for people using device operating systems (OS) lower than Android 7.0 and iOS 12.0:

I really can’t blame them on this one. All they’re asking is Android 7, which is itself terribly old. And you can always sideload an older app version.

Old iPhone users, however, may be screwed.

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If a company didn’t know more then 20 days before the new app is to be released that a new minimum OS level is required, That is really revealing.

If it knew 2-3 months ago and didn’t announce the change that is even worse.

Who says that next year the app might require Android 12. And the old app will no longer work.

Thank god I didn’t overly commit to Wyze products and use cameras from multiple other vendors.

Just crazy.


Not screwed… you can continue using the existing version, just can’t upgrade to the latest version.


Of course you are screwed if new products and/or features are only available in the new app.

Show me a list so I can decide whether or not to buy any Wyze products in the future.


I agree somewhat, I will not take the chance of bricking a perfectly working iPad by updating the IOS for features that I will no doubt not use. For a $30 camera it does what I want. No HD, no zoom, minimal night vision range at best, but I’m extremely happy givin the price. My iPad running without a hiccup is priority. Maybe issue a patch for my 11.4 iOS. I may just buy a newer iPad and keep mine AWAY from updates. Apple should have always had a stand alone OS update without all their crap they include. If it ain’t broke…you know the rest.


No it’s worse than that. If the phone is reset or the app needs to be reinstalled for any reason (and they have no full backup and no beta enrollment) they have lost the Wyze app forever. It’s how Apple rolls.


Geez…long live Android…you can go download and install any previous version of anything on various trustworthy mirror sites and without violating your warranty. You’re never totally screwed in that same way Apple screws you. I think Apple holds as much or more responsibility for that particular problem…but I might be a little biased. :slight_smile:


Sadly this will brick Wyze from 3 devices I primarily use to monitor the cams. All Amazon tablets that work perfectly fine but Amazon is too lazy to update the 2017 models to anything past OS 5+ years old. They are all running alternates of Android 5.1 currently and it was updated to that version months ago and the newest I can get. Not sure how I’ll monitor cams or have use of the tablets now.


You can hopefully still use the older versions of the Wyze app to continue to do most of the stuff you’re already able to do right now on Amazon Tablets. I think that will probably still keep working, and if you ever reset the device you can always download the older Wyze versions from mirror sites and manually install it again. I’ve done that on Amazon tablets before. It should be okay. We just won’t have any newer features I’m guessing.

Even if that doesn’t work, while this isn’t a perfect solution, you can get TinyCam on Amazon Tablets and at least view all your cams that way. They have a free version, though the couple of dollars for the pro version is highly worth it IMO.


I just got an email from Wyze telling me they will no longer support my iPad OS 10.3.4 with the new app release of 2.22. It says that I need OS 12 at the very least. Does this mean that I will no longer have any ability to see my cameras? Or simply that I will not be able to take advantage of the newer aspects of the 2.22 app?

Please explain. Can I keep my older iPad with 10.3.4 and still keep the ability to see all my current cameras and use the talk./listen function?

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Yes, as far as I understand things will continue to work as long as you don’t reset your phone. I’m not sure what the app store will show you but don’t upgrade.

New Wyze features and products may be off limits and at some time your app version may stop working.

Not my phone. My phone runs 12.something so I’m OK for awhile. It’s my iPad I’m concerned about. It’s limited by Apple to 10.3.4 as it’s an old iPad. I plan on keeping it for awhile yet and I still need basic access to my older cameras.

How does one find, on the iPad, what Wyze app version is running?

Go into the Wyze app on your iPad, lower right hit Account, scroll down and hit About and you should see a version number


Doesn’t matter. The advice stays the same.

Thanks for that.

Can you tell me my iPad will remain functional after the 2.22 version I will not be able to install?

every time a developer for proprietary hardware ( from wyze or elsewhere) makes a decision not to support legacy APIs ( e.g android 6/ ios 11 )
he/she is condemning thousands of smart phones/ ipads which were perfectly useable to the scrap heap.

not very environmentally friendly, and involves an upkeep expense which is not in line with owning a $20 budget camera

wyze should offer on its own website an archive of .apk for past versions .


I blame the greed of the Phone manufacturers refusing to continue to support the newer OS’s to try to force people to buy new phones from them.

Developers can’t be expected to continue supporting out of date OS’s forever. Nobody supports Symbian OS or Palm OS anymore, among countless others. In a way older Android and iOS versions are fairly similar situations, they just can’t handle the things that are in demand anymore. Manufacturers purposely won’t allow upgrades to the old phone models because then they’d lose money. It’s kind of their way of a long term subscription model…force everyone to buy a new phone once in a while so their cashflow continues. They COULD allow it, but they don’t have any monetary incentive to do so. Apple supports the longest because they do get money for continued support in a way with all the other services and eco system requirements that get you locked in. App Developers have to draw a line somewhere and when demanded features aren’t available on deprecated OS’s, they kind of have to move on. I’d say 5-7 years back in phone models is a fair line to draw though.

Though I do agree with the point about making older APK’s available on the website. I’m totally onboard with that.


I could be wrong as I dont use Apple but I don’t think you can load old apps on Apple products

All well and good, but my question still hasn’t been answered.

I’ve run into the same problem with Sonos. I cannot upgrade my iPad to the latest Sonos app because the iOS on the pad is so old. However, I still can operate my Sonos but without full capability. I want to know if I’ll be able to do that with my current, out of date iPad and Wyze 2.22.

usually its just down to a developer (who is not aware of the issues raised on these forums) and arbitrarily choosing a minimum sdk

if you spend 5 minutes searching through the forums you can see plenty of interest of combining these $20 phones with older tablets/smartphones.

To decide where the line should be cut, Wyze should hold a poll .