Immediate notification of event

The Alfred app works the way you’re suggesting; I get a notification as soon as an event is triggered, not after the video is uploaded and when I click on the notification it takes me to the cameras live feed, not the recorded video.

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That sounds exactly like what is needed as an option. Thanks

I just realized, after downloading the app, that it is meant to be used with cellphones/tablets you might just have hanging around. Doesn’t work with Wyze. However, the concept, if it does as you state, if what is needed.

Hey John - sorry about the miscommunication. I was using the example of the Alfred app just to let the devs know that there’s other apps out there that notify us immediately; was not suggesting that the Alfred app can be used with Wyze cameras (although, how cool would that be?) lol

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I have a 6 second delay for the alert. I have timed it against a different brand of camera that gives an immediate alert and also from when I cause the alert. That rules out the 12 clip loading for me.

Has a mod confirmed one way or another as to how the notifications work? I have a fairly long delay when getting my notifications as well (more than 12 seconds). I’m on a 300/30 internet plan with the camera getting high 90’s connection percentage. I have used ring cameras with my current setup and gotten near instant notifications. Notification delay is the exact reason I stopped using Nest cams. I hope Wyze can figure this out. I really like their cams.

You can select Support at the top-right, and search for notifications. There are many searchable articles there. :slight_smile:

Thanks for responding! I did search as you suggested, for some reason they we’re loading with my phone (maybe bad service area) I see a lot now though. Looking through them, there is some bad information. Some users say you can get nearly instant notifications, this seems impossible being that it takes 12 seconds for the clip + upload time + sending notification, etc. My neighbor and I were testing his on fiber and it’s still taking 17+ seconds. Not bad, but I really do hope you guys decide to make the notification as soon as motion is detected and checking it takes you to live view. I know MANY people who want to use them for front door cameras, but having a 20 second delay make’s them useless for that. I’d personally buy at least 4 more if this change is made. Thanks again!

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This is it right here. Notify on movement, clicking notification takes straight to live view. Perhaps an option to go to clip instead. It makes the most sense if you ask me.

You guys are doing an amazing job, keep it up! One thing I want to request is to move the notification ON DETECTION, not after video is processed/uploaded/whatever. The reason is that I am using it to keep an eye on my garage - I want to be notified the second someone enters it, not after they are in there for a while and then leave.

I think most people would prefer notifications to happen the moment there is movement, not only after video is available.

Thank you, again, for making such an awesome product!!!

I would be very interested in the option to get a direct notification when the motion or sound is detected. So, at the starting point where the Wyze Cam starts recording. The push notification could then be linked to the live feed of that cam.

This, opposed to the way it is now. Motion is triggered, recording starts, 12seconds go by, push message is sent to videorecording, where you can watch what already happened.

For some very handy, for others not so much, so the option to chooose notification on the moment or after the recording could be VERY useful.