Immediate notification of event


I’ve got a Wyze cam on my front porch. I’d like to be notified (push notification) as soon as it detects an event, rather than after it has recorded the 12 second event so that I can view the event in real time. The push notification should link me to the live camera feed, rather than a recorded video. For example, when Wyze cam sees someone on my doorstep I wanted to be notified immediately so that I can use the 2 way audio to talk to the person, if needed. After 12 seconds + time to assess the event video + time to navigate to the live camera feed the person will already be gone from my porch.


This actually all depends on your network speed. I am referencing nest as well. There is a 12-15 second delay. It would be very hard to get an instantaneous alert on motion trigger.


I realize there will be a slight delay because of network, but Wyze cam sends the notification AFTER it records an entire 12 second clip. I want it to send a notification when it first detects motion/sound.


That sounds like a reasonable request and makes sense to send the notification as soon as motion/sound is detected.


I am not understanding you all. As soon as my Wyze detects motion it notifies me. Sometimes before the upload is even complete. Sometimes I have to wait a second for the upload to finish.


Interesting. My notifications don’t come until after the recording is finished.


I feel the same as you. I would much rather it be faster notifications as well as when you click the notification it sends you to live video or a thumbnail at least to open live video than have to download a clip which sometimes takes an additional 30 seconds. The clips are nice as evidence after something has happened. But if you can get to the live video quickly while the recording happens or when they steal the camera you can possibly see who did it or whats happening faster than the 12 seconds. Although these cameras were not designed for this purpose they can still notify at least one second after or 2 seconds to motion.


I think they are correct in that the notification isn’t sent until ‘the package’ is sent to the cloud. That requires the video to finish recording. The cloud (AWS) sends the notice. What you (and I) see when the video isn’t ready is some processing on the AWS side causing a delay. People that want looooonnger videos don’t seem to understand the details currently would mean a loooooonger delay before the package is sent to the cloud and the notice reaches their phones.

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Also based on upload speed as well.

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That’s not a good thing. Keep the alerts short and quick notifications and let the looooonger videos be captured on SD card by giving the user more SD card recording control.

I’m sure longer videos uploaded to the cloud would require a change ($) to the WYZE business model too.

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It would if they kept the 14 days of free ‘Notification’ storage, but they could easily drop a week and I’d never miss it. In fact, I’d rather they drop down to 7 days and reduce the cool-down period as a user option. Should be a net-net swap except I’ve heard there are transaction costs, but I’ve proposed a solution for that too. Or, they could calculate the storage max for 14 days of notifications considering the cool-down (12 videos per hour2414) and say you get that many videos and they delete the oldest and take the cool-down down to a minute or so. User’s choice.


I like your thinking. WYZE needs to hire you. :wink:


Thanks! Available. Unfortunately, I think Wyze sees my comments as critical, when they are intended to help make the product more user friendly based on years of experience.


I also like the OP’s idea. It makes much more sense. You can always look at the 12 sec recording later but I want to be notified immediately (before the 12 sec clip is uploaded) and direct me to the live feed.


@OverWatch I believe a lot folks here, including you and me, are not being critical but just trying to provide user feedback to help make the products better. The folks in charge would be ‘wyze’ to listen and use this free feedback service. I’ve followed your other posts and don’t perceive your comments as being critical.

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Hi, I am looking for the same feature - which is essential to actually use Wyze cam as a security camera. Is there a roadmap for this feature that i can vote for ?


By scrolling up, you can VOTE for this topic up at the top left.


Thanks Done !

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If, for some reason, sending the alert as soon as it happens rather then after the recording is not possible, at least the notification should take you straight to the live feed first. We can always see the clip after the fact that it was triggered. At least an option to choose.