Immediate notification of event (including snapshot)

Every change would require a firmware update right?

No matter what, I too would very much like to see this happening, so users have the choice of ‘immediate’ push notification or after the video has been uploaded.

A very much appreciated effort of the team if this would be put on the list.

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I’m not as concerned with immediate push notifications (it’s nice, but I can wait the 12 seconds…), as I am with the ability to immediately turn on a light bulb ,or a Wyze Plug connected to a light, upon motion detection in the camera. Obviously, as a workaround you can use the motion sensors and I do, but they only work locally in the vicinity of them, rather than the entire view of the camera. There’s advantages and disadvantages to each, and sometimes using them in combination with each other is the best of both. Someday maybe we’ll see the in camera motion detection changed a bit to work just like the activation upon triggering with a motion sensor or door sensor.

It would be more fair to say “if possible, it would require a firmware update”. I do not know if there are technical obstacles, either with the hardware or the overall firmware architecture, that would preclude this.

And that’s why this is a #wishlist topic; something for Wyze to consider as a future development. It doesn’t look like you’ve voted yet, so be sure to scroll all the way up to the top and click the VOTE button.

I didn’t even realize there was a wishlist associated with this topic nor did I even think about it. Thanks for tagging me on that!

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Any update on this? I just got a camera and was really disappointed that I didn’t get instant notifications.

Hello @ogutierrez92 and welcome to the community.

Usually an update will come in the form of the title changing from ‘maybe-later’ to ‘researching’. The main reason you dont get instant notifications is due to the way it works. The notification comes from the ‘cloud’ and the ‘cloud’ does not know there has been an event until after the 12-second video is loaded. So at best for a camera event the notification will take 12 seconds.

Thanks for that response. It has really helped… one question. Sometimes my camera fails to notify me when a person is detected. I am guessing it’s because I live on a very busy street and since there is a 5 minute cooldown period then that would be the cause of this. Right now I have it set to record and notify me of all motion and person. Do you think I could get better results and not miss any person notifications if I turn off the notifications for motion? While I would love to be nofified for both all motion and people I would sacrifice all the others just to make sure I get more accurate person notifications. Example, when a delivery driver pulls up I get a motion notification but when they get out of the truck to deliver package I will not get a person notification unless they sit in the truck for a good period of time before getting out.
So if I turn off motion detection and only leave person detection on will that provide more persistent or I missed people events?

Unfortunately, no. The way it works right now, person notifications are essentially just a “type” of motion notification. Regardless of whether you have (non-person) motion notifications turned on or not, when the camera records a motion event, it triggers the cooldown period. If that motion event contained a person, the motion notification will say that a person was detected. If that motion event did NOT contain a person, the motion notification will just say motion was detected. If you turn off regular motion notifications and turn ON person notifications, the motion events are still getting recorded, so the cooldown period is still getting triggered, regardless of whether a person was in the motion event or not.

BUT… they just released a new premium feature yesterday called “Complete Motion Capture” that mitigates this to a certain extent. It’s $1.50/month. Using this feature, there’s no longer a cooldown period, although my understanding is that person notifications are still only based on the first 12 seconds of the video. That means that if a person enters the frame on the 13th second, during a “Complete Motion Capture” event, your motion notification won’t mention that a person was detected.

I used it during the beta, but I haven’t signed up for the new service yet, now that it’s officially rolled out, so I’m not sure if any of that changed.

Edit: Oh, I guess it’s already officially un-rolled out? Apparently they delayed it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ But anyway, that’s definitely coming soon.


You must have Motion Detection turned on because, Person Detection relies on the camera having Motion Detection turned on to work

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That was a more concise and better way of explaining it than my roundabout explanation. :joy:


I’m surprised to see this is marked as “maybe-later”.

I’m assuming this is not going to change with the Complete Motion Capture feature? So, if a delivery person were to come to the door and knock to get a signature for a package nobody would know because the notification would come through after they came, knocked, and left.

They are heading in the right direction for those who need to see an event after the fact, but aren’t offering what people would need to monitor their surroundings in real-time, assuming the “maybe-later” is correct.

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I’d like to see this happen, but as with some other seemingly simple things, I think it would require a fairly dramatic overhaul of the way their system works. The notification system is tied in with the “Events” system (cloud recordings) right now. That’s why motion that happens during a cooldown period doesn’t get a notification, and that’s why motion isn’t reported until the “event” is over.

It would also introduce some awkwardness in the ability to VIEW said motion event. If you get an immediate notification, but the motion event is still in progress, what are you clicking through to see on the notification? Ideally you’d see the motion event when you click on it, but it doesn’t exist yet.

I suppose the best scenario is that if the motion is still in progress, it takes you to the Live View, and if the motion is already over, it takes you to the event recording. So if you click on the motion 5 minutes later, it should take you to a different place than if you click on it immediately. But I’m not sure if the internal app links can use logic like that. It may have to be one or the other. (Not 100% sure about that.)

Anyway, I’d love to have this feature, and I think it would add a lot of value, but I do understand why they’ve deprioritized it for now. I think it won’t be quite as straightforward as it might seem to the layman.

Right, it would make the most sense to take you to the live view when selecting the notification if motion is still in progress, and show the recording if the motion is complete. I’m actually not sure what our Arlo Q does in this case, but the notification is instant, so even if it is playing the recording it might be one or two seconds behind, depending on when we selected the notification. If Wyze can provide an instant notification, whether or not it is playing back the recording or the live view doesn’t really matter to me. The problem is, like you said, that notification doesn’t appear while the motion is being detected.

This, in my opinion, should have been a top priority, more so than developing other products, but like you said, it’s possible it’s more complicated. Maybe they will take care of all of this next year with the brand new cloud infrastructure mentioned here: All the product updates announced during the Wyzies

Wishing there was a snapshot / still picture option to record when motion sensor detects movement, instead of video only. Many security cameras have the option to record pictures, WYZE should implement that function - PLEASE

I agree, this would be fabulous. I wouldn’t necessarily need it for every part of the detection zone, but if at some point, we’re able to designate sectors that could be higher priority (front gate/door and driveway for my existing cam, back door/yard gate for future ones), I would like to be notified ASAP, rather than waiting. Being able to designate sectors would enable me to set those areas as high priority, resulting in real time notification so I could take immediate action, versus lower priority slightly delayed notification if a cat crossed my yard.

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From what I’ve timed it feels like we receive event notification from Wyze cam when ,
event occurs +

  • 12s of video recording(x) +
  • y seconds to upload the video to cloud

so, even when instantaneous, we are already delayed by 12+y seconds to get notification.

I wanted to know if community has felt the same and if so- can the notification be decoupled from footage ? I am using iPhone

I had a situation where I needed to talk to postman when he was at my house to deliver but by the time I receive event notification- he is already gone. in event footage I can see him walking up and dropping package.

Only if the notification was instant I could have used live stream to communicate with him. Wyze developers- what do you think? could an event immediately add an entry into our app and have a place holder for video footage to follow up in few seconds?

One possibility may be a Wyze Sense motion sensor. I have them and the notification is usually instant. Plus the motion sensor is PIR so because it detects heat/motion, there are very few false alarms from things like wind.

yup, that would certainly work but I don’t see a point of setting up motion sensor when wyze cam is already there. I do see benefit of avoiding false alarms but I am waiting on wyze outdoor cams for that :smiley:
I feel, as a developer, it just makes sense to have decoupled notification - this would be better user experience regardless of this requirement and it would add a lot more possibility into wyze cam.


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I just purchased a Wyze 2 Cam but feeling not to secure with this right now. I would have never bought it if I knew it what I think I know now. unless of course I owned a pet it would be an ok with it as pet camera as long as the pet don’t have an emergency. I mean what is the point of owning a security camera if it don’t help you feel more secure. I feel this camera usefulness is like a cctv camera that are in stores just good for police investigations after an event has taken place… or I only need security cameras that notify me as it detects motion not after the mail thief has came and gone 12 seconds is long time in terms of footage 3 seconds is a long time at least enough to do the 25 yard dash well not me but a thief with a adrenaline rush. Or I’m missing something in the settings