Immediate notification of event (including snapshot)

The Alfred app works the way you’re suggesting; I get a notification as soon as an event is triggered, not after the video is uploaded and when I click on the notification it takes me to the cameras live feed, not the recorded video.


That sounds exactly like what is needed as an option. Thanks


I just realized, after downloading the app, that it is meant to be used with cellphones/tablets you might just have hanging around. Doesn’t work with Wyze. However, the concept, if it does as you state, if what is needed.

Hey John - sorry about the miscommunication. I was using the example of the Alfred app just to let the devs know that there’s other apps out there that notify us immediately; was not suggesting that the Alfred app can be used with Wyze cameras (although, how cool would that be?) lol


I have a 6 second delay for the alert. I have timed it against a different brand of camera that gives an immediate alert and also from when I cause the alert. That rules out the 12 clip loading for me.

Has a mod confirmed one way or another as to how the notifications work? I have a fairly long delay when getting my notifications as well (more than 12 seconds). I’m on a 300/30 internet plan with the camera getting high 90’s connection percentage. I have used ring cameras with my current setup and gotten near instant notifications. Notification delay is the exact reason I stopped using Nest cams. I hope Wyze can figure this out. I really like their cams.

You can select Support at the top-right, and search for notifications. There are many searchable articles there. :slight_smile:

Thanks for responding! I did search as you suggested, for some reason they we’re loading with my phone (maybe bad service area) I see a lot now though. Looking through them, there is some bad information. Some users say you can get nearly instant notifications, this seems impossible being that it takes 12 seconds for the clip + upload time + sending notification, etc. My neighbor and I were testing his on fiber and it’s still taking 17+ seconds. Not bad, but I really do hope you guys decide to make the notification as soon as motion is detected and checking it takes you to live view. I know MANY people who want to use them for front door cameras, but having a 20 second delay make’s them useless for that. I’d personally buy at least 4 more if this change is made. Thanks again!


This is it right here. Notify on movement, clicking notification takes straight to live view. Perhaps an option to go to clip instead. It makes the most sense if you ask me.

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You guys are doing an amazing job, keep it up! One thing I want to request is to move the notification ON DETECTION, not after video is processed/uploaded/whatever. The reason is that I am using it to keep an eye on my garage - I want to be notified the second someone enters it, not after they are in there for a while and then leave.

I think most people would prefer notifications to happen the moment there is movement, not only after video is available.

Thank you, again, for making such an awesome product!!!


I would be very interested in the option to get a direct notification when the motion or sound is detected. So, at the starting point where the Wyze Cam starts recording. The push notification could then be linked to the live feed of that cam.

This, opposed to the way it is now. Motion is triggered, recording starts, 12seconds go by, push message is sent to videorecording, where you can watch what already happened.

For some very handy, for others not so much, so the option to chooose notification on the moment or after the recording could be VERY useful.


The wyze camera records for 12 seconds before posting a notification for motion detection. But if due to some reason the camera power is interrupted this notification is lost e.g. kid running onto camera or a puppy loving the camera too much. I have a proposal based that a picture may be taken instantly and uploaded as notification to the phone before recording the motion detection video so that motion detection notification is received regardless of camera condition after that. Afterwards, the video may be uploaded as well.

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I understand the notification delay after the clip is recorded, but not the delay for the bulb. If you want the bulb to trigger on motion, there is a reason you were doing that. It should come on as soon as it does when using a motion sensor or door sensor, or at least as quickly as possible, for a couple of reasons. 1, as a deterrent to a possible intruder, and 2, to give extra bulb (at night of course) to the area so the recording could possibly be better then what you would get with the IR LEDs by themselves. if you have to wait till after the 12 second clip is recorded for the bulb to come on, it kind of defeats the whole purpose of catching somebody in the act I’m doing something wrong and having the best chance of seeing or scaring them away sooner.

@bondbob007 My comment was in reference to camera detected motion or person. The trigger delay is a function of the clip getting uploaded. You should not experience the same type of delay when triggering from a motion or contact sensor. If you are experience a long delay for motion/contact sensor triggers, you should file a
Support Request.

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Yes, I understood that you were talking about camera detected motion and so was I. No issues with sensor triggers to speak of. I just don’t know why the in camera motion detection can’t immediately turn on a light or a switch. Doesn’t make sense that it can’t immediately do that function if it can immediately start a recording on detection. I understand about not necessarily sending the NOTIFICATION until the recording finishes, but that should have nothing to do with turning on a bulb or Wyze plug as soon a motion is detected.

I really don’t have anything to add, but I’ll try again. The architecture is that the clip doesn’t go to the server until it’s been recorded (all 12 seconds). Then the notification can get generated. The command for the bulb to turn on also has to come from the server. (There is no direct camera to bulb communication path.) Therefore, the bulb command cannot happen until the server has received the uploaded motion clip.

Ok. So you are saying that nothing happens related to the camera locally - everything needs to process through the backend server first? Even the motion sensing is happening at the server and not the local side to get initially get the recording started. This is different from how the sensors work, which are more or less immediate and triggering other devices (bulbs, cameras recording, plugs, etc.) locally and has nothing to do with the server per se - other than triggering the sense notification?
Not trying to be a pain! REALLY trying to wrap my head around what is happening that we can’t have immediate trigger of stuff (other than the notification) via camera motion detection. I think what it comes down to (from what you said about the architecture) is not that it isn’t technically possible, but that this is how it currently operates. If that is the case, then using in camera motion detection, currently, to more or less immediately (within a second) turn on a light or alarm, or whatever, is not possible. We will always have to wait the 12 seconds for that response until such time something changes with the architecture. Does that sound right? Thanks for your time and patience with this!

I don’t think that’s accurate, actually. It happens fairly quickly, but I don’t think it’s happening locally. If a contact sensor is triggering a light, my understanding is that first the sensor sends the signal to the bridge. The bridge/camera then sends it to Wyze’s server. Wyze’s server then sends the signal to the bulb(s).

You could test that by disconnecting the coax from your cable modem. If it still works, it’s happening over LAN. If not, it’s happening over the internet.

Yes and no. There is processing happening locally on the camera. For example, the person detection algorithm runs locally on the camera. However, all actions included in a device triggered rule occur via the server. With a contact sensor trigger, the event is sent to the server right away and the server sends the action signal to the target device right away, so you perceive it as happening essentially immediately.

With camera motion detection, the server doesn’t become “aware” of the trigger until the 12 second event clip has been uploaded. Therefore, the server can’t send the action command to the device until this has completed. There is no signal from the camera to the server on first motion detection; the signal only occurs when the clip is uploaded. Therefore, this would take a change to the firmware such that a signal is sent to the server on first motion detection in addition to when the clip is uploaded.

If we are talking about camera-based person detection, it would be an even more difficult firmware change since the person detection is not determined until the 12-second clip has been analyzed.

MOD NOTE: This discussion of delay of device triggered actions based on camera motion detection has been relocated to this topic.

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Ok and thanks - that fills in the blanks and wraps up the understanding. I hope you also understand that my probing for more wasn’t just for my benefit, but for others who may not totally understand what is going on :smirk:. So ultimately, the “problem” could be fixed, but it would take a firmware update to do it. Thanks for sticking with this!