Image Quality ~ Sensor life

I just bought some additional V2 cameras and the image quality is noticeably sharper than the V2 cameras I purchased about a year ago. :+1:

Maybe my new cameras have the latest JXF23 sensor?

I have a background in electronics but not image sensors. Just curious if image sensors or the lenses degrade with age? If the lens is glass I doubt it would degrade.

I often wondered if my camera being hit by direct sunlight has any impact on the sensor?

Do I have a newer sensor in my latest cameras or are my first cameras aging? :thinking:

I have some older and newer v2s and I haven’t noticed a huge difference in quality. If you have photos or video from each cam where the difference is noticeable we could take a look.

I’m not sure if the capture image shows it as well as on my phone but there is a noticeable difference. So much so I swapped out all of my first cameras in important locations with cameras from the second order. :wink:

Thanks for the screenshot, I can clearly see the old cameras look hazy or clouded. If you look at the older and newer cameras lenses do they look different/cloudy?

Can you tell if that haze on the old cameras is slightly pink in tint? I had a HTC One M7 with a bad camera sensor (common issue on that model) and that’s how it started. Photos looked a bit “off” somehow (had a slightly pink hue to them), then over time parts of the image became completely washed out with a pink “haze” over the whole frame. I still have the phone, and the camera picture is still pink :slight_smile:

My first thought was maybe the outside of the lens was ‘dirty’ from forced hot air heat, central AC and static so I carefully cleaned it but no difference.

I don’t see a difference in the old/new lenses, I can take a closer look.

I didn’t notice a pink tint and everything looked normal until I viewed an image of the old/new side by side, then it was clear as day. :wink: