I'm hearing a beep 1x a minute. Anyone else? (Wyze Headphone)

Hi all!

I love my headphones but I am hearing a beep 1x a minute. It happens once in a while, but it has started happening more frequently. Has anyone else had this happen?

60% battery life
I’ve unpaired and re-paired.


me too!
i have contacted support for help and got the generic reset options that i have done already

i asked if there is a way to disable the beeping as i find it unnecessary and the fact that it’s tripping is so annoying. i don’t need it beeping every freaking minute all day.
hopefully an update will allow us to disable it or something.

Thank you! at least I am not crazy. It is frustrating, as I really do love these headphones. They’re the best i’ve ever had. I thought they had something to do with notifications, but that’s not it! lol

i googles this issue and am surprised i found one result being yours.

i love them too but hate the annoying beep :confused:

Same issue. It is driving me insane. Any solve??

not as of yet
i am in contact with support which is really pointless

i hope they disable the beeping sound it’s utterly annoying and useless and i’m on the brink of starting a refund process and returning them

I was hearing beeping today too. I thought that it might be because I was connected to both my phone and laptop at the same time. I didn’t have time to figure it out because I was in class, so I just turned them off and listened to my lecture out loud.

My brother and I both bought headphones in the same order, but he hasn’t mentioned any beeping. I’ve only used them a few times so far, but he has been using his set for the past three weeks or so.

yeah i don’t know how normal is supposed to be but i do know that it isn’t supposed to beep once every minute

i have reset all my connections and stopped using 2 connections because i rarely use my ipad anyways and the fact that it’s always connected to my headphones when i’m listening to music on iphone is a bit annoying. Like let’s say i’m charging iPhone and wana quickly watch some videos but not listen using headphones , than i gotta turn bluetooth off and even when i go on workout every day i notice that when it’s connected to iPad it loses connection as soon as i leave the house and keeps adding extra beeping on top of what is already happening

so i just stopped using it with 2 connections and just my phone

kinda annoyed with beeping at this point i wish they disabled it permanently via software update

i honestly couldn’t care about the beeping being present so i want it removed

Based on some testing today. I am hearing a beep every time a text message is received or when bluetooth is reconnected from my iPhone. This is happening even if I have the text thread set to hide alerts.

Is this what others are experiencing?