Illuminate the night with Wyze Night Light - 5/25/21

Okay, @WyzeGwendolyn! Stop twisting my arm. I bought a set. :rofl:


Dang it! Fine… I have a feeling I will be ordering more once I use the 3 packs I got :smiley:

Funny how WYZE keeps selling items I didn’t know I wanted.


MWAHAHAHAHAHA! :smiling_imp:

Thanks for your orders, folks! :heart:

Exciting product ! Can one use it outside?



Once again, another product which I thought I did not need, but Wyze knew better. :slight_smile: Keep it coming, can’t wait to see what is next.

I ordered a pack with the expectation I will be ordering more.


Thanks, Scott! These aren’t rated for outdoor use and there isn’t a cover for the charging port so we wouldn’t recommend it.

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Hooray! Thanks for your order, spamoni4! :smiley:

Can these remain permanently plugged to a USB charger negating the need to recharge them?

Will these only work in a dark setting when motion is detected? Or is there an on-at-dark, off-at-light setting?

How long do they remain on after motion is detected? And will they immediately turn off if a light is turned on?


Perhaps, the next generation II - can be an inny and outy….LOL

Looks interesting… I ordered a set to try out!

hmmm, I ordered 2 sets but now after looking at the specs it doesn’t say how long they stay illuminated. Is it only when motion is detected and then off? Also, lets say I link 3 together for my basement stairs and 1 of them is picking up light from the hall, Will the motion still trigger the other 2?


Any plans for a color changing feature. I only use night lights that are red as I dont what blue or white light s on Red Light at Night: How Does It Affect Your Sleep and Vision?

I wrote up a bunch of questions, then read the FAQ before posting and it answered nearly all of them. Whoever wrote the FAQ’s, did a great job!

A couple of clarifications I’d like to ask still:

  1. When charging, it says we can leave the light on. Just to clarify, I assume that means we can also leave it in “auto” mode and still paired to other devices.

  2. These function on the 2.4GHz band. Any idea which “Channel” (the 11 smaller bands within the 2.4GHz range) these will be using?

    • I would prefer to make sure they aren’t going to add signal pollution to interfere with all my other devices…now I can change my router channel to a different channel, so that is not a big deal, but we kind of need to know which band they’re going to add a slight amount of signal pollution to (even though it is fairly negligible with only going 100 feet and not broadcasting often, I still already have a TON of devices competing on that signal band).

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Battery Life

128 days (Solo use)

85 days (Linked)

11 hours for normal mode (Calculated by 10 times light per day)

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Same here. :joy:


Would have been nice to be just plug in for better longevity than a lithium battery.

Does wyze has any sustainability goals as a company?

Some of this tech seems so disposable that perhaps the low price now could end up being a very high price in the future.

Are any of the components recyclable or replaceable?



The FAQ seems to imply there is nothing to prevent us from just leaving them plugged in like other night lights. The difference is that these allow us to limit them to only shine when dark, when there is motion, sync them together and not REQUIRE being plugged in (but still allow it), and still be more affordable than nearly every other night light out there, and definitely more than any nightlight with all of those options. I’d say that’s all pretty hard to beat. I would side with these being a market disrupter for the type of category they are in.

Still, it would’ve been nice if the “auto” function was split up a little bit. I might want the lights to just be on whenever it is dark, but not want them limited to only when there is motion too. I know this makes them last longer on battery, but if I left some of them plugged in, I wouldn’t care about the motion option. Still, overall it is an awesome product for particular use cases.

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What is the “Has been clear for” interval? Basically, how many seconds or minutes do these stay lit up for (before turning off again) when they sense motion?

Also, for groups, if any sensor in the group senses motion we know they all turn on, but I assume these also work together so that if any sensor in the group has recently sensed motion within that same “has been clear for” interval that they all remain on until none of them have sensed motion for that entire time interval. Is that correct? Or are they all set to shut off every 30 seconds (or whatever the interval is) no matter what, even if another in the group sensed motion recently?

(As a side note, I wish we could get V2 motion sensor groups to work automation rules this way…set up a motion sensor group then have a rule that says: if any sensor in the group senses motion turn on the lights; then only turn off the lights if ALL sensors in the group have been clear for 10 minutes…but if any sensor in the group has detected motion in the last 10 minutes then the lights still stay on…right now we can only use individual sensors for rules and it makes it harder to do automation for large rooms that need multiple sensors)

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I ordered a set. I currently have 3 LED motion sensor light bars magnetically mounted. One in the kitchen, one on the mirror of our master bathroom, one above the toilet in our guest bathroom.

I am recharging the kitchen one at least once a week. The regular lighting in the master bathroom is strong enough that the light there does not activate if the lights are on. But, it sensor does pick up movement very well so we keep the bathroom door closed.

I am hoping these will provide enough light and just need to be recharged every month or two.

I am kind of disappointed that these are not designed to integrate with the Wyze platform or in any way be connected to a smart home ecosystem.

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