Ignore Motion Detection for events under X seconds

How about this:
Make a Wyze Sense PIR sensor that can be plugged into the micro USB port on the back of the camera for power instead of the inconvenience of battery power and having to climb on ladders or step stools to replace the battery every time they go dead. (It might require the bridge adapter you already produce).
That would seem to be a cheap way to give us the option of using Pixel detection or PIR detection.
I would have the ability to turn off Motion detection by Pixel and use the PIR sensor instead.
Besides the obvious advantages of much fewer false notifications, it would also be a convenient way to replace the PIR sensor in the event if ever fails, without having to replace the entire camera.
For those of us who have V2 already installed every where inside and out…it would allow us the ability to upgrade to PIR without having to purchase all new cameras with PIR.
Could Wyze do that for us?


Seems like a great idea! Currently fireflies are setting off my new cameras. Doh!

Well Wyze surprised us all.
They just came out with a firmware update and software update that allows us to choose a new motion detection feature. AI is now part of the camera and will only send notifications if it detects a person if you choose that setting. I’ve installed both and although I’ve only had it running for 1 full day…the cameras have been silent unless there is a person walking in the detection zone. No more bugs (day or night), no more shadows or changing lighting due to clouds setting off motion alerts! It is working great! Again…I only have a 1 day sample, but this new AI software update seems to have solved the biggest problem that we all were having. And it is a FREE upgrade!
Thank you Wyze!


A welcome update for sure and the price is right.

I’ve been using IFTT location to turn on/off motion detection to minimize alerts if I am home. Now have to choose if I want an alert/notification if a person has entered my driveway or a vehicle has entered. Hmmm…

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They said on the recent AMA that they are still considering implementing the one second thing

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Yea that was also the decision I was faced with, but in the end, I chose Person alert since it isn’t very likely that a car or cloud or shadow or bug will try to break into my home. Besides, it is a much welcomed respite from all the false alarms when I chose Person.

By the way, if you have a SD card installed, you will still see all the motion alerts as before, they just won’t be sending you an alert unless it is a person.


Now if we could just do something about speeding up the motion notification to our phones.
Sometimes it takes 30 seconds after motion is detected (which is barely tolerable) before getting a notification to other times taking up to 15 minutes after detecting motion before a notification comes through (unacceptable)!

This is been a problem for a very Very long time , I don’t think they know how to fix it yet, I don’t think it’s a priority because it’s not super Widespread, I don’t like saying is but I think their main developers that are in China don’t care much about trying to fix this problem

At first I thought it might be my WiFi, but it is very fast and covers extremely well. Even so, I added a Mesh extender to be sure.
What is odd is that signal strength doesn’t seem to be the issue. I know that signal strength will fluctuate so I checked the Wyze cameras after an alert is sent. I had a Wyze camera with 90% signal strength take 15 minutes to send a notification and yet I’ve also had Wye cameras with 50% signal strength send a notification with in 30 seconds. And no it’s not a particular camera. They all will wildly fluctuate how long it takes before sending a notification. Go figure.
My thought is it must be a server congestion or communication issue.
I have other security cameras on the same network that will send an alert within 5 seconds of detecting motion…every time!
I realize that for the most part Wyze is a very young company…and I appreciate what they are doing to improve the camera (Person detection) but not having a reliable security camera that will alert us in a timely fashion (say under 10 seconds) is very troubling still.

I do also Have other brand cameras That don’t have this problem And other notifications that I get on my phone Don’t have that problem.
I been through all kinds of testing working with a wyze agent, during this process I even upgraded to a Very high end router And I have Gigabit Internet.
It does the same thing on 4 different Android devices with Different Android versions.
I did a factory reset on my Samsung tablet , That didn’t change anything either.
I like the cameras and Products But this one thing really sucks bad

Yea my WiFi router is the same type that small to medium size corporations use. It isn’t the “run of the mill” consumer WiFi router so I know it isn’t the WiFi. I even reduce the resolution thinking that maybe the Wyze servers can’t handle the higher HD resolution with any kind of speed. But so far that hasn’t changed the speed of the notifications at all. Just to show how random this is…I can walk past one of my Wyze cams and it will send an alert in 30 seconds. Then 6 minutes later I can go by the same Wyze cam and it may take 15 minutes before I am alerted.
(To Wyze technicians reading this, don’t misinterpret that I am happy when it alerts me in 30 seconds, I’m not…but next to 15 minutes, it’s way better.)
I guess this is something that Wyze will have to address on their end. Hopefully!

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Mine are usually pretty quick at 5-15sec.

Maybe your account has some issues? Could be worth creating a second account and run some tests to see if it follows.

Yup, I have tried that also , along with dozens of other things To try and fix it On my end

Oh yeah, I have tried that also

Sorry that didn’t help. At the very least, Wyze is aware of your woes.

And may the force be with you!

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Wishing the A.I or motion capture new how to differentiate between general motion and bugs flying around. My Wyze cam is outside and I get motion capture from bugs at night. They get captured by random light streaks. Would be amazing if motion capture could identify these light streaks and decide it wasn’t worthy of capturing.

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I have my wyze cam mounted under my carport in a weather proof (?) shell. Bought from amazon. We do not leave the light on at night. By morning I have 30-40 recordings of dust and flutter by things. Is there anyway to stop it from being so sensitive? I turned off sound and motion and just left person on. Well it didn’t record anything. So I had to turn motion back on. It records tree shadows moving in the sunlight, bugs flying at night. I have changed my detection zone already to. Please help, what can I do ?!

You can purchase the sense kit and use the included PIR sensor instead of the cameras sensor.
The camera uses pixel change algorithms to determine motion where the motion sensor in the sense kit is Passive Infra Red (Detects heat).

Ok thanks

As of right now - nothing. There is a petition to have an update that would spot this. The idea is that the camera would not react to 1 second triggers suck as bugs. The more signing the better chance it gets approved. I’ll try to find the link so that you can sign as well.

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