Ignore Motion Detection for events under X seconds

I don’t think so. It’s mystifying.

We should all give up this begging we’ve been doing. It’s obviously something they don’t want to do since other camera services out there can. They’re pushing you to use their A.I. This will stop most of those triggers. The problem there is that the A.I doesn’t work that well. I get 50 person triggers daily - they’re all cars driving by. I mean I’d understand if the Worlds Fastest Human lived up the street from me but I’ve given up. I admit the detection zone grid help with it but sometimes you just need the street. Now if only my custom grid would stop reverting to the old NO grid I’d be happy.

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Ohhhh … that makes sense … the bugs are actually getting attracted to the IR lights. I am gonna try this tonight. Thanks for the tip.
However, its just a workaround. This feature is really needed to be added by wyze!

Guess it’ll never come. So much for listening to their community

+10000000 this.

bug, dust, a light turning off.

all of those would get ignored by an “event capture motion for at least X time” setting. really could use this feature!

Hi, Any news on the status of this? It would save money for Wyze on cloud storage, and a lot of hassle for us customers. I have Plus and even with that there is currently no way to filter out rain and the bugs attracted to the IR. Additionally for those of us with limited upload speeds, having multiple cameras constantly uploading uselessly triggered footage is a real problem.


This would probably help avoid those notifications when you turn on your cameras and notifications - when I leave home and the cameras switch on I always get a notification of motion from one of them which is often caused by the day/night mode switching and the image adjusting.

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Please add this to the roadmap, it’s really needed for bugs, and leaves

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I would seriously pay a small one-time microtransaction for this feature. Please!

I’ve had false alarms all night long because of a single thread of spider silk blowing back and forth across the frame, a few snowflakes, bugs, etc. And I’ve got the sensitivity turned down to 1 already just to minimise this.

Flexibility and having it as an option (so it doesn’t remove functionality for those who desire the camera on a hair trigger) is always good.


Yeah. It’s seriously annoying a long standing request like this can’t be prioritized. It would save them so much money in cloud storage and processing.

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Someone mounted a small (maybe 2 inch diam) waterproof fan behind the camera, blowing forward, so any attempts to make webs in the field of view would get blown away :joy:

There has to be a better way :wink:

My cameras go crazy at night with the trees, bugs, leaves, lights, shadows, YOU NAME IT. It detects everything BUT People LOL Even with Cam Plus. It’s crazy!!!

What’s the status on this? It’s been 3 years.

Now that I’m using the v3 and lamp socket to trigger my outdoor lights at night… They keep turning on due to bugs flying by and triggering a motion event.

Would love to know how Wyze feels about this. Is it a “never gonna happen/work cause xyz…” Or “great idea, just haven’t prioritized it yet.” ?

Please give us some kind of response.


Because they’d rather focus their R&D on useless crap like wyze cars that drive slower than turtles. Or water sprinkler timers. Granted, the srinkler timer could be useful, but this request, as stated, has been a need for the original cameras. Listen to the people who help get the business started. We have been here since the beginning.

Could it possibly be that hard? A few man hours to write a some lines of code?

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Yes, with the number of times the firmware has been updated, including at least one super-forced-push, one might think they could have included this simple, very useful, optional feature that would default to Off. :frowning:


It would cut down on all that wasted cloud storage and bandwidth when a spider web moves every couple minutes 24/7/365 on a few thousand cameras!

I can’t imagine this being hard to implement, but alas…


I would love this option! Probably 95% of all of my triggered motion detections (and videos to time-consumingly wade through) are because of a flying insect, snow, a sudden setting-sun gleam/reflection, a quick windy tree-shadow, a lightning bolt, or rain. A “longer than 1 second” setting would solve much of those unwanted video captures. Wow, I would love that feature!

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Would setting the motion notification sensitivity lower help to not get so many notifications? My issues is I have a cam pointed at my dog bed. I like to know when she comes and goes from the bed. I don’t need a notification every time she moves her head on the bed. Or even a delay timer so I don’t get notifications within say 1 minute of each other?