Ignore Motion Detection for events under X seconds

I don’t think so. It’s mystifying.

We should all give up this begging we’ve been doing. It’s obviously something they don’t want to do since other camera services out there can. They’re pushing you to use their A.I. This will stop most of those triggers. The problem there is that the A.I doesn’t work that well. I get 50 person triggers daily - they’re all cars driving by. I mean I’d understand if the Worlds Fastest Human lived up the street from me but I’ve given up. I admit the detection zone grid help with it but sometimes you just need the street. Now if only my custom grid would stop reverting to the old NO grid I’d be happy.

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Ohhhh … that makes sense … the bugs are actually getting attracted to the IR lights. I am gonna try this tonight. Thanks for the tip.
However, its just a workaround. This feature is really needed to be added by wyze!