Ignore Motion Detection for events under 1s

I moved their request to this thread because it would accomplish what they’re asking. :slight_smile:

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Where can I find the link to the petition ?

Your question was linked to it by a monitor. Scroll to the very top and hit the vote button.

I’m new here. Got and installed 3 Wyze cameras yesterday. First night, full of bugs :slight_smile: This feature is a must for me. I really want to order more. But without this, I’m going to hold off and see if I am swayed more first. Right now, event triggering at night is completely worthless to me.

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If it’s like where I live, most of those ‘turn-arounds’ are probably people who were hoping for an empty lot full of bushes to take a break in!

I like this idea as it provides more flexibility. Maybe in the next firmware version… I hope. :slight_smile:

Even if Wyze does eventually provide a delay of some sort, I still see a problem.
I was all excited when they came out with the Person AI, but that faded rather quickly when I learned that turning on Person detection “only”, did not stop the camera from recording every little pixel change it saw.
As a result, even though the camera only reports motion by people, I have found that maybe 60% of the time the camera doesn’t send a motion notification of a person because the person has entered the detection field within the 5 minute cool down from a pixel change that had just happened before the person entered the detection zone.
So unless there are absolutely no pixel changes 5 minutes before a person enters the detection zone, I will get no notification. KInda important, since that is the reason for the Person detection feature.
So having a delay of a pixel change might cut down on notifications of dust, rain, shadows, etc. I wonder if it will improve motion detection alerts of people? Or will we still have that dreaded 5 minutes cool down making the Wyae camera less than ideal?

That sounds like the kind of small yet deadly detail the sales pitches never catch! All the security cameras I’ve used before, no matter how fancy the type of motion detection, there’s always compromises & hassels that typically just make security itself more frustrating than it needs to be. The only solution I’ve seen yet that really works well is the Plot Watcher cameras by Day 6 Outdoors. Their cameras do not have any sensor besides the main imaging sensor behind a solitary lens. They dispense with all forms of motion detection and are strictly a time lapse system. Now their playback software is the best part, they put most of their R&D into playback. The software can auto-advance to scenes that change significantly. A kind of after-the-fact motion detection. The playback has the option to play through at fast speeds, or jump to motion. The video is composed of still image snapshots that are appended to the tail end of the video file in real-time. So exporting single frames will result in sharp images, unlike snapshots taken from standard video formats.You can set the interval from 1 second up to many minutes apart, and the battery life is outstanding. But it’s not a networked camera, so no real-time remote viewing. And they do not address night time recording, as they are pitching the camera as a daytime only tool because it’s meant for hunting, where daytime is the expected hunting hours. But, it is a lot like how the police operate their automated DSLR surveillance cameras. Just capture everything & sort it out later

Although that camera has some very nice features, if it doesn’t give real time notifications and live streaming then it isn’t what must of us are looking for.
As you said, it is more of a camera for hunting or overall video surveillance. I’m not interested in pouring over video from the past few days to see if I can spot activity that I need to know about…after the fact.
Wyze, along with all the competitors have the right idea…it’s the execution that is the problem with Wyze.

I understand the real-time is the priority, with a home security system. But what I am suggesting is that Wyze can do a lot better with their playback software. The Day 6 playback method only takes a few minutes to go over 24 hours of 5-second time lapse video, if you use the motion detection to fast forward through the review. You’ve said it yourself - you’re not interested in wasting all your time looking at video. And I see this issue on many other threads concerning the review process. Too many false events, playback is not able to run at fast speed, no event timeline you could click on to advance through the playback. The Wyze Mods are telling people how to use hacks & workarounds, so it’s like a continuous beta product. I’ll still buy one of these cameras, as it’s low cost enough I doubt I could complain much. I actually don’t care about the recording & playback side of it, I just want a real time monitor with remote control PTZ, but it needs to be outdoor capable and have a 24x optical zoom. If I can highjack the digital zoom function and route that out to a lens controller in order to operate a industrial standard CCTV lens for the zoom, then I’ll be really hacking into one of these cameras!

I have a similar suggestion for all the motion sensors… The time between event detection should be configurable. For some constant motion detection is a must - I want to be alerted when kids enter a hallway but I would really prefer that once the alert fires that I not get another one for a time set thru the app. Use case - kid goes to bathroom event triggers - I go out to check event triggers :frowning: - we come out an fires event again :frowning: - I go back to bed it fires again :(. If I could allow 10 or 15 min between events then my phone won’t go off so often possibly waking others and turning it into a party alert instead of a potty alert. Again this should be available on a sensor by sensor basis.

Why do we need a petition? It should be obvious that it’s needed and should have been implemented from the start. 67 notifications yesterday with settings all the way to low is ridiculous.


While bugs do ‘bug’ me when they cause an alert, lights going on and off also cause an alert… every night when my Wemo living room light goes off and also when my front porch light (on a timer) goes off…

This feature is moving up the wishlist pretty well, but I’d like to see Wyze make it a higher priority, especial as I think they already have the tools and most of the code to make it work. Using the same techniques as Person detection, machine learning and a group of motivated users could easily tag their own motion events as “Bug/Not A bug” to help the AI figure out what insect fly-bys look like. It could be extended to many other types of unwanted motion as well. With close to 700 up-votes, I’m surprised that there hasn’t been any direct response from Wyze in this thread.

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Sometimes the only responses you may see from WYZE is the status of the topic. Currently they have it at maybe-later, a good sign would be for it to change to researching.

Also it is not just the number of votes that they look at, they also take into account things like how easy or feasible it may be to implement.


I’m hoping this status will change from “maybe-later” soon. :slight_smile: It seems like a fairly easy thing to implement. The exact length should be user-configurable, in my opinion. 500 milliseconds, 1 second, 2 seconds, etc. People may have a certain type of motion that happens often that they’d prefer to ignore, and it may require a bit of experimentation with the exact timing to see what works best in a particular scenario.

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ok, in summer when infrared on, insects can cross any detection zone.

@WyzeGwendolyn Since person detection will be going away temporarily, I wonder if you can poke some people to try to get this implemented in the meantime. It may help ease the blow. This setting should be optional, obviously. Ideally, the exact length would be user-configurable.

One of the things that makes person detection so useful is that it helps cut down on excessive notifications. This would accomplish something similar, and seems like it would be a fairly easy thing to implement. Certainly much easier than person detection. It doesn’t require any AI and the logic is super straightforward.

And it would save Wyze in cloud storage costs, too, since fewer useless videos would get uploaded. Seems like a winner for everyone. :slight_smile:


I’ll send this over to the team. :slight_smile:


Great idea and a great compromise for the loss of the person detection.

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