Ignore Motion Detection for events under 1s


We just got a ton of bugs and rain setting it off every 5 minutes. If I check my ‘alerts’ overnight, its just every 5 minutes on the dot that something sets them off. All bugs flying past or streak of water while its raining. I know they were built for ‘inside’ so the events for us looking outwards probably wasnt in their plan, but youd think if someone were to calculate, lets say 20% of of the cams sold, are doing this, @ 1M sold, that 200,000 cameras getting false alerts, every day, times however many a day… at least 5? times 12 seconds. thats 46,666 hours of footage being stored on AWS they’re paying for that is useless to its customers. youd think that would cost enough to have someone look into making the changes.


The maybe-later status and only 350+ votes makes this low priority for the team.



3 questions:

  1. Doesn’t the Wyze Sense motion detector use the same pixel change algorithm that the Wyze Cam uses?
  2. Can you explain how you set the motion detector up to work in conjunction with the Wyze Cam?
  3. Can you buy the Wyze motion detector without buying the whole Wyze Sense kit?
  1. No, the motion sensor is a PIR device
  2. Wyze Sense User’s Guide
  3. Yes

Um… Wouldn’t you still need a bridge to make it useful?

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Yes, but I answered the questions as posted, and I DID post a link to the user’s guide. When you order the motion sensor separate, there is the “Requires Starter Kit” warning on the page. :slight_smile: