Ignore Motion Detection for events under 1s

We just got a ton of bugs and rain setting it off every 5 minutes. If I check my ‘alerts’ overnight, its just every 5 minutes on the dot that something sets them off. All bugs flying past or streak of water while its raining. I know they were built for ‘inside’ so the events for us looking outwards probably wasnt in their plan, but youd think if someone were to calculate, lets say 20% of of the cams sold, are doing this, @ 1M sold, that 200,000 cameras getting false alerts, every day, times however many a day… at least 5? times 12 seconds. thats 46,666 hours of footage being stored on AWS they’re paying for that is useless to its customers. youd think that would cost enough to have someone look into making the changes.

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The maybe-later status and only 350+ votes makes this low priority for the team.


3 questions:

  1. Doesn’t the Wyze Sense motion detector use the same pixel change algorithm that the Wyze Cam uses?
  2. Can you explain how you set the motion detector up to work in conjunction with the Wyze Cam?
  3. Can you buy the Wyze motion detector without buying the whole Wyze Sense kit?
  1. No, the motion sensor is a PIR device
  2. Wyze Sense User’s Guide
  3. Yes

Um… Wouldn’t you still need a bridge to make it useful?

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Yes, but I answered the questions as posted, and I DID post a link to the user’s guide. When you order the motion sensor separate, there is the “Requires Starter Kit” warning on the page. :slight_smile:

How about just turning off bug notifications to bring down all those silly clips that clearly don’t need to be sent to the cloud. ie if it only moves for one second…I don’t need to know about it. If it moves for 3-5 seconds, ya let’s record it, and keep recording until the motion has stopped.

Or hey…I’d pay for a separate device to record on an SD that is not accessible from the outside. Gladly

Welcome to the community, @strangenamemedia. I moved your comment to the #wishlist topic about it. Please remember to VOTE at the top-left. :slight_smile:

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OMG pleeeeassse do this. No more bug notifications!!

Folks, I’m disappointed to say this, but I think Wyze has no intentions to do anything about including a delay function. My reason is my realization that they are coming out with a strickly outdoor camera and thus feel no need to improve their current indoor camera even though the indoor camera suffers from the same issues whether indoors or out. I know, I have them both indoors and outdoors.
On top of that, I heard the new outdoor camera will be strictly “battery powered”. If this is true, that is the last thing I personally want, is to have to be climbing on ladders every time I need to change the battery in my outdoor cameras. Studies on smoke detectors show that approximately one-third of smoke detectors are not operating because the battery has not been replaced or has been taken out to stop the low battery warning beep. So if this is true and all you need is a step stool to change smoke detector batteries, what are the odds that similar or higher percentage will end up being the case when these battery operating security cameras stop working for the same reason.
I hope I’m wrong, but my gut tells me otherwise.
UPDATE…Just learned that the new outdoor camera is supposed to have both battery power and the ability to connect to a power source. Assuming that this is a fact then it would be great if they will run on the same power supply that the indoor cameras use. That would make swapping out my current cameras that I have outdoors with these better (PIR) outdoor cameras.

My gut tells me they’ve stopped focusing on indoor cameras period. They’re off to new projects like bulbs and motion sensors.
MAYBE the outdoor cams with their numerous bug detections will renew the interest and the indoor cams will get an update but look at the latest beta firmware. Seems like ages since they released a firmware. And rtsp was a one and done.
I’m actually using them on my Synology server with surveillance station on rtsp and guess what. It not only HAS a configurable delay on motion detection but also has image tagged alerts. Only problem is you have to have a server with it, and that only gives you 2 camera licenses. Additional are $50 each :confused:
But since I already had it I put my outdoor ones I was afraid a potential thief might rip off the house (they’re within reach of your determined) on there so the local video Is safe.

I would like to see this feature to eliminate false motion detection. I get 30+ motion detection notifications every night because of birds and bugs.

It’s obvious that they’re not going to fix this. The more-than-excessive false alarm rate makes my Wyze cameras unusable for me, so I’m turning them off, will purchase no more of them, and am advising anyone who asks not to buy this product unless they enjoy being constantly interrupted by “events” that are merely changes in light level within the camera’s view, coupled with a company that is more interested in putting out new products than in responding to the needs of its existing customers.


Definitely a must add feature! there are a lot of us that live in climates with year round bugs! I for one live in Colombia where the climate and construction allow for these cameras to be install outside with no issues but the IR night lights attract insects and trigger the 12 sec video recording… This would fix that problem.

Please add!

I would love to see AI based insect detection implemented to reduce event triggers. A high percentage of my events each night are flying insects. I’m pretty sure that zapping or poisoning all of the bugs would have unintended ecological fallout, so let’s get AI to learn how to ignore these little guys.

If you’re already running a wndows computer 24/7, you should give genius vision community version a try… now that wyze has a rtsp firmware, it should be compatible, and has very good motion detection built in. The best part is that it’s free for noncommercial use.

Look into a separate IR emitter that you can have shining IR light outside in your desired area, that is some distance away from your camera. You can then turn off your camera IR lights and bugs won’t be attracted to it

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I was really hoping this feature would be added but after catching up with this thread I realized something obvious. These cameras are meant for indoor use, I have 5 v2s outside & that’s on me, not wyze. The solution for me is to see how the outdoor cam performs, I would assume if it has PIR, that would eliminate the false alarms. If the outdoor cam is a hit, I’ll swap out my 5 v2s and replace them with the outdoor cam and use the v2s inside as intended.

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I need to set my 2 cameras in my garage to the lowest sensitivity due to insects flying at the IR light. It’s kinda funny at first but missing what should be alerts .

I just turned off the IR lights and use a motion detector light with with my cameras. It works great and no more bug alerts at night.